7 Cheap Options To Stay in Dubai

Dubai is known among most people as the land of the unfinished luxury where people spend so much money in a day that we would not be able to spend once in a lifetime. It is true, Dubai is the land of the rich but it also tries its best for those not that lucky but still living in the Emirate. Dubai now concentrates the most on its tourism developments and its jewellery industry. The tourism is a very promising industry in the world, but tourism depends on seasons which Dubai want to stop, as its target is to become a yearlong trend for everyone. For this reason, as the budget of tourists is unlikely to be the budget of a local businessperson, there are more cheap Dubai hotels than expensive ones. In real, most people cannot afford to stay even for a week paying more than EUR 200 per night. It is just too much especially if you want to stay for at least 3 weeks in Dubai. That is why there are the cheap Dubai hotels enabling tourists with little money to spend their vacations. They all bring a great business to its owners and they are very successful because their service is impeccable, together with the other possibilities.

Let us represent some of the cheapest hotels in town and tell a few words about them. We have specifically selected hotels the daily rate of which does not exceed EUR 20/ Person / Night

1. Admiral Plaza Hotel: Rate: EUR 18.50

It is a very nice and totally equipped hotel in the heart of the old quarter Bur Dubai, close to many restaurants and shopping possibilities. Breakfast included in the price!

2. Rush Inn Hotel: Rate: EUR 13.98

It is a great little hotel for a more than great price. In the very heart of Dubai, you can find this irresistible offer, with an unbeatable location. Breakfast included in the price!

3. Pacific Hotel: Rate: EUR 21.50

This is a superb backpackers place, with coffee machine but no restaurant inside. It is located near to the souk side of Deira district in the downtown of Dubai. It is a very simple hostel. Rates are starting from three per one room. No breakfast in the price!

4. Miami Hotel: Rate: EUR 17.99

This hotel could as well be called an airport hotel, as it is just a ten minutes drive from the airport. Located close to the beautiful Dubai Creek canal and the colourful souks of Deira, this is a great place for economical tourists.

5. Al Jawhara Metro: Rate: EUR 19,28

It is a real Islamic hotel serving no alcoholic drinks but built nicely with great service. It has restaurant, but no breakfast is included in the price.

6. Arabian Courtyard: Rate: EUR 14.58

This hotel is among the top favourites among tourists. Located in Bur Dubai, this hotel will give you all the romance and adventure you are longing for while being in Dubai. It offers swimming pool, a spa and a great restaurant’s menus. Breakfast is not in the price!

7. Coral Oriental: Rate: EUR 16.38

It is a brand new wholly equipped hotel with swimming room, restaurant and internet possibilities. Breakfast excluded. Watch out as they charge you an additional 20% or the room price as tax. However, it remains a cheap place! It is close to the seaside Corniche of Deira.

As you see, the prices of the cheap Dubai hotels are more than catchy. Watch out though, where breakfast is not included, you may end up paying a lot of money. If you want to spare on breakfast, look for an apartment hotel where there is a kitchenette and fridge for you to store food. Most of the upper mentioned hotels have apartments too, its very useful for a cheap Dubai holiday.

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