77 Diamonds

77 Diamonds or Seventy Seven Diamonds seems to be a clear legal business, by putting on its company address and VAT number on its website just like other diamond dealers should do, if they want to attract many customers. 77 Diamonds is a London based diamond seller offering all sorts of fine diamond jewellery with all shades of gold or platinum and also 77 Diamonds have loose diamonds on sale.

77 Diamonds according to his statement, has direct access to an entire 70% of the world’s finest diamonds. Let us wonder together how they do it and go further with our investigations regarding this company. 77 Diamonds is a family firm with the 4th generation leading the family business by now. They do not hesitate to state that their showroom can only be visited through a personal appointment, which makes the place mystical, but we can understand this, because of the high value of the diamond goods. 77 Diamonds is also present in the biggest community sites, namely Facebook, Twitter and has its own blogs as well. This makes a nice personal sort of approach making the company get closer to the customer. On the blogs of 77 Diamonds you can read about the most famous diamond sets and diamonds in the world, such as the former Koh-I-Noor, the Taylor-Burton Diamond, the famous Fabergé eggs and the most expensive necklace in the world belonged to Marie Louise.

77 Diamonds leads also some great blogs about the actual work at 77 Diamonds out of which we can get some insight of what is going on behind the doors. The company takes part at the national diamond and jewellery related exhibitions as well. We can also get to know that the name 77 Diamonds refers to the year 1477 from when the actual custom of giving engagement rings has started in Austria. The diamonds arrive to the 77 Diamonds from Canada, Russia, Australia and Africa as well. All diamonds are cut, polished and certified before being sent over to the British company. 77 Diamonds offer all sorts of engagement and wedding rings, cocktail rings, not to mention eternity rings. We can see nice collections of diamond bracelets, necklaces and earrings as well. They offer hand model video and 360’ video on each rings, which makes the viewing perfect. You can see jewelleries in various colours of gold, white, yellow, rose and platinum as well, so you can really choose which you prefer the most. The only drawback is that there are no exact details on the 4Cs of the diamonds included in the jewelleries. In the case of loose diamonds, you can choose out of 10 different cuts.

Payments at 77 Diamonds are secured by McAffee, each jewellery comes with a certificate, the price of which is included in the total price of the jewellery and also offered a luxury packaging. They also offer various payment options for their products. There is a 30-day money-back guarantee, free delivery worldwide and according to the website, tax-free shopping is available at 77 Diamonds. When it comes to contacting, you can choose out of a phone number or live chat options, so you can really get as much help, as you need. 77 Diamonds also accepts payments through PayPal and Google Checkout.

It is a pity that 77 Diamond does not have its showroom in Dubai, the diamond-trading hub of the Middle East, but it is highly possible that Dubai traders get plenty of the finest quality diamonds of 77 Diamonds. The best way to make sure is to look around is some of the best jewelleries of Dubai, where you can also choose from the best quality diamonds on the market.

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