A Night in Karama District

Karama district is a famously Indian/ Pakistani inhabited district with the highest number of cheap stores in its area. Many expats start at Karama district when they want to rent an apartment so as you can guess the atmosphere of the district is really Asian–Oriental, which is quite enjoyable especially when it comes to all the different cuisine, which you can enjoy over here. Dubai nightlife in Karama is colourful; there are several clubs, cafés and restaurants here where you can enjoy the mild evening hours. Let us see some of the main centres of Dubai nightlife over here.

Karama district is a very busy district packed with people and all sorts of shops, cafés and restaurants. In its style, it equals its brother district Al Rigga, which is on the other side of the Dubai Creek. Karama district is located within Bur Dubai, the old city. The nightlife here is great, colourful and various. Some hotels host more than 3-4 nightclubs over here. The most notable places you can look for great nightclubs are the President Hotel and the Ramee Royal Hotel. They make the most of your night in Karama.

The choices in Karama district are various to enjoy a great night out. As the area is mainly Indian you will find some cool Indian bars and discos over here such as the Anthakshari which next to being disco also represents live music and live Indian dance performances which are indeed beautiful so its really worth coming down here one evening if you are into Indian culture. Another Indian nightclub is located in the Ramee Royal Hotel in Karama called “It’s Mirchi” with cool Indian music, dancing and drinking possibilities. The Indian Maharlika Café is a great and widely popular place to visit by all the youngsters of Dubai. The Maharlika interestingly features live Filipino bands every weekend; therefore, it is full of Filipino guests too. Another fun place for enjoying nightlife is the Ratsky club with the Eighties music and great atmosphere receiving many visitors each day and night.

The Ramee Royal Hotel is really the melting pot of all sorts of different nightclubs. Next to, “It’s Mirchi”, it also features a Russian nightclub called “Rain” with some great Russian tunes and drinks. The Ramee Royal is also hosting the Time Out, which is a highly frequented enormous sports pub with lots of pool tables, beanbags, TVs featuring sports programs and fine quality drinks for the guests. The Time Out also serves great dishes. The bar is especially visited during its Happy Hours, which means that the drinks or total consumption is 20% cheaper. One thing for sure, if you want to enjoy Dubai nightlife to its fullest this hotel is a-must visit. However, if you want to see some of nightlife also on the next day, then had better not sleep over there. Just imagine how much sounds can four-nightclub cause.

Dubai nightlife is almost as busy as daytime in the Karama district. Here you can find places of all sorts of Asian cultures and can taste the dishes of lands you have never been. Dance to the cool Indian and Filipino rhythms. The nightlife of Karama will transport you straight to Asia surely.

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