Al Ghurair Centre

Al Ghurair Centre plays a very important role in the life of Dubai, such as its founders, the Al Ghurair family which is still among the richest and most important families of Dubai. Members of Al Ghurair family are part of the leading organizations of the emirate. And their creation the Al Ghurair Centre shopping mall was in fact the very first Western style entertaining shopping malls in the area of Dubai.

Al Ghurair Centre is a very famous complex located in the Middle of Dubai, near Deira district and the beautiful Dubai Creek. Al Ghurair Centre is one of the very first entertainment complexes of Dubai, which consist of a fun zone, and shopping centre and a residence area too.

Al Ghurair Centre was built by the Al Ghurair family with the intentions to create the very first {Dubai shopping mall}. The family was the sponsor of the project and the exact place where the shopping mall is standing is also owned by the Al Ghurair family. The family, who have bought this territory of the city and thought to start with something entirely new in this zone, built the Al Ghurair Centre. It has some great attractions and it is a very popular entertaining zone for everyone who lives or stays in Dubai. Al Ghurair Centre had opened in the end of nineties and during that time, this was the only one of such complexes that had entertainment areas too, next to shopping possibilities.

Today, Al Ghurair Centre is a classical fun and entertainment area, great and ideal for families and of course for tourists as well. It is useful especially during the day, when it is hot outside, and there are no chilly places to spend some time of the day. If you are with your children, they will surely love this place, as Al Ghurair Centre has a vast Fun City for children of all age. This centre is a typical Dubai complex, where there is emphasis on everyone’s needs, and no one can get the chance to feel bored or bad, not even for a moment. As a shopping centre, it is mainly for women and shop-lovers, but with all the facilities, restaurants and bars, everyone can feel great over here.

The shopping mall of Al Ghurair Centre hosts hundreds of shops of all kind, selling a great variety of cosmetics inside the Paris Gallery part of the Al Ghurair Centre. Nearly all world famous brands have a brand shop within the Al Ghurair Centre. Next to the European and international brands, there are the most well known textile shops, selling the most beautiful textile materials not only for the women, but also for the men.

Al Ghurair Centre, next to being a shopping mall, also offers different types of apartments for people to live in or to rent them. This part of Al Ghurair Centre, called Al Ghurair City, consists of many living buildings, which are quite close to the centre. It also has a great gym and a swimming pool area. Al Ghurair Centre has also an office–business part offering offices for companies to rent or to buy. The office buildings too, are all equipped with the latest must-haves for one to create a great office environment.

Al Ghurair Centre is still a very important part of Dubai’s business life as it receives a great deal of visitors day by day. Let’s see what we can find in the Al Ghurair Centre. which is today, part of a much bigger complex the Al Ghurair Residence and Office complex. Originally it was Al Ghurair Centre which was the first mall also of the Deira Districtl located a little bit further from the Deira City Centre, being in the very centre of Al Rigga district which today is predominantly inhabited by Indians and its also very famous for its closeness to the Dubai International Airport and also to the Dubai Creek’s waters, but also its very close to the Deira souk district which makes the shopping mall even a more inviting target when it comes to shopping.

Al Ghurair Centre has more than 200 stores in its area of diverse type. Predominantly it offers fashion items for ladies but it has stores of all kinds, from hypermarket to quality furniture stores such as 2XL. The shopping mall plans an expansion which would more than double its size and also its facilities yet its still a great quality place for locals and tourists for {shopping}.

Al Ghurair Centre offers a great range of high profile brands, such as French Connection, Esprit, Dior or Givenchy but also offers plenty of stores for the fans of streetwear fashion. There are plenty of quality textile stores within the shopping mall and also you can see a great variety of stores offering specifically Arabic garments and textiles for Arabic garments.There is a great deal of perfume and cosmetics stores within the mall and also there are some great quality stores of sports garments. Al Ghurair Centre offers quality entertainment for all its visitors and has several quality playing places for children of different age. The shopping mall has its great food court where you can browse the variety of different cuisines. The mall is also famous for its great number of childrens’ and baby garment stores and maternity stores. When looking at the variety of Dubai jewellers‘ stores within the Al Ghurair Centre, the must-visit stores include Swarovski, Popley and Al Liali Jewellery stores. If you are looking for quality watches, check out the stores of Timex, Rivoli Watches, Rado and Tissot and the kiosk of Hour Choice which all offer outstanding quality pieces for their customers.

The shopping mall also includes a pharmacy, hypermarket, exchange and a Kodak shop for shopping films or ordering photos. Al Ghurair Shopping Mall is quite complex when it comes to its services and most tourists who stay in one of the hotels of Al Rigga regularly visit the mall for their shopping.

So, if you would feel like having a fun time inside the city, and have a whole day to spend free of any other activities, and then do not hesitate to spend some time inside Al Ghurair Centre. Thos Dubai shopping mall is a great place for everyone to shop and to have lots of fun. As it is in the very downtown of Dubai, it will be no problem for you to get here. All in all Al Ghurair Centre is more than worth visiting, and in many ways its also part of the history of Dubai City.

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