Bottega Veneta Jewelry Collection

Bottega Veneta is currently among the best selling and most expensive brands on the International fashion market. The most popular pieces of Bottega Veneta are its leather goods, its beautiful fine jewelry has stayed somehow low profile being part of the Bottega Veneta palette of accessories. Let us now see how Dubai jewelry market and Bottega Veneta meet. Also, let us see the most distinctive features in the beautiful collections of Bottega Veneta on the Dubai jewelry scene.

Bottega Veneta as its name shows is an Italian brand and in its efforts, it tries its best to implement the rich Venetian traditions of handcrafting and artisan goods into the modern day fashion items. One trademark motive of Bottega Veneta is its cabat “intecittrato” style handbags and the usage of all the best quality materials for all of its collections. The Italian brand has started as a leather and artisan ware store in 1966. Thanks to its owner’s great work, the store has soon started to flourish and systematically, it has become one of the biggest names in the fashion industry. The cost of one Bottega Veneta handbag can be even two or three times as high as a Vuitton, being among the most expensive brands itself too. The Italian brand has always been very meticulous when it comes to choosing the best quality leather and the best quality materials in an overall meaning. The motto of Bottega Veneta lies in reaching the perfection of simplicity, reaching it through the work of hands, the sheer touch and sight of materials. This is the same motto, which helped the company to create its fine jewelry collections.

The Bottega Veneta collections in the first sight seem a bit boring because more of them are one-colored or contains such colors that look similar. However, taking a closer look, we will get to see the finest white and colored diamonds. The “intecittrato” style is also widely used with Bottega Veneta’s fine jewelry such as the disco ball form. You can also get to notice the use of the very rare black gold too. The collection of Bottega Veneta contains diamonds of all sorts and colors but all of them in the best ever quality. The usage of white, yellow, red and rose gold is also oft. We can also get to see the richest platinum jewelry over here. Bottega Veneta puts a high emphasis on delivering the best ever collection of fine jewelry which remains in trend always and which can be worn both by day and by night without any problem. Each piece of Bottega Veneta’s fine jewelry is handmade and that explains their prices.

Although the overall taste of Dubai jewelry loving society does not always like the simplicity, yet when it comes to jewelry, the fame of the Italian brand is undisputed. Its fine jewelry collection is not what we could get used to while seeing the huge Dubai jewelry offers, we can also be sure no other Dubai jewelry exists that would have the same style (and price quite often). Yet we can also say that the brand is not an ordinary Dubai jewelry range, as jewelry making does not have a special position there.

Bottega Veneta’s two Dubai jewelry and overall fashion stores can be found in the Mall of the Emirates and in the Emirate’s Boulevard shopping mall that has the most exclusive international Dubai jewelry offers.

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