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Luxury Rolex Watches in Dubai

Rolex or Rolex SA is a Swiss watch making company with a worldwide high reputation. Rolex watches are considered as luxury watches and they are sold in high quantities all around the world. Rolex watches were the pioneers of several novelties in the watch making industry in the world and in Dubai. Rolex is also considered one of the best selling luxury watch brands. Rolex takes part in several sports events in tennis and in sailing competitions, some of which have been also held in Dubai.

Rolex Watches currently ranks on the 71 place among the top 100 most valuable luxury brands and also Rolex is among the very few who has made its profit and sells only watches with an estimated manufacturing of around two thousand watches per day. The company is one of the very few privately held companies in Switzerland. Its crown logo is world famous as well. A Swiss and an English watchmaker, who later moved to Switzerland from England, found the Rolex Watches. They are selling out of Switzerland ever since. The name of Rolex was registered in 1915. Rolex had been the first in many actions regarding watch making so now we represent you some of the unique features of the Rolex brand:

* Rolex watches contained the first self-winding feature publicly released in 1931. In addition, in 1968 released the first of such self-winding watches, which used the movement of the wearers arm in order to power the mechanism.

* The Rolex watches were the first having water resistant case up to 100 meters.

* Rolex together with a consortium of 16 other prominent watch makers has developed the Beta 21 quartz movement which was used in their Rolex Quartz Date 5100 and later powered the Oyster Quartz models as well.

* Rolex was among the very first watchmakers manufacturing special watches for deep-sea diving, mountain climbing and aviation. The most famous early models were the Rolex Submariner, the Rolex Oyster Perpetual Date Sea Dweller, which has a special release valve that released Helium out of the watch when someone dived too deep in order to defend itself against the water pressure. The Eplorer models were specifically developed for those who were doing climbing, other hard terrain connected work, or hobby, some of the first Mount Everest Expeditions used these watches too.

* The most iconic model of Rolex is the GMT Master, which was first released in 1954 in cooperation with the PANAM Airways as special air travel watches containing multiple time zones.

* Moreover, Rolex is the biggest manufacturer of Swiss chronometers to this day.

* The newest pioneering action of Rolex is to manufacture ceramic bezels within its professional watches as UV rays do not affect ceramic and it is the most scratch resistant material now. Ceramic bezels can be seen on the Rolex Submariner, Sea Dweller, and Deep Sea and GMT Master II models too.

Rolex has three main lines of collections: the Oyster Perpetual, the Professional and the Cellini, which means the feminine, and jewellery watches. In connection with Dubai, Ahmed Seddiqi and Sons in Dubai, which you can find in every shopping centre, sell Rolex watches ever since. Rolex also has its own brand stores, which are open in close to every shopping centres of Dubai.

Rolex watches have a great reputation in Dubai as quality timepieces and Rolex watches are highly valued by both the public and the professional jewellery and watchmakers. You can find the best Rolex collections in, which are also the cheapest collections because of Dubai being tax-free.

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