Buy Stylish Muslim Swimwear in Dubai

As you know, Muslim women are not allowed by their religion to reveal themselves, their body and sometimes even their face in front of any man other than their husbands. This makes a couple of problems mainly regarding any fun activities Muslim women can enrol in. So, let us see what the solutions for a Muslim swimwear are.

In the hot countries, as is Dubai, this is a hard question how and where to let women swim and play in the water with their children. For this reason, many pools and water theme parks have their Ladies’ Day or Ladies’ Night, rather, where women can enjoy some time free of their Hijab or Hmar being both the regular ways of dressing in Dubai for Muslim women. However, those Muslims who live in different countries must face the fact, that they will not be made an exception, so they can only go to swim, if they bare the looks of other men. So, a solution must have been found for these problems. Now we come up some of the recent solutions on how Muslim women cope with this problem and how they can swim with the others even on a public beach. Unfortunately, Muslim swimwear cannot be worn on public pools, because it is so much larger than the ordinary swimsuit. That is why the materials used for all sorts of Muslim swimwear are antibacterial.

Burqini is a word composed of the words Burqa and Bikini. The Burqa is the traditional Afghan hmar, which means a veil that covers the face, head and body entirely, made out of one large piece of material. Bikini of course is the two-piece swimsuit worn by most women on the beach. Although burqini will certainly not give the satisfaction for Muslim women to get some nice colour, it offers a great way to hide the body in an elegant yet effective way to swim and to hide at the same time. The burqini is a Muslim swimwear that has two pieces. There is a full body length suit containing a hood, which is together with the piece. A dress as if second piece is there that makes the Muslim swimwear, look like a normal Muslim outfit but made out of swimwear material. The burqini is a Muslim swimwear being the invention of the Lebanese Australian Aheda Zanetti.

The veilkini is very similar to the burqini style but has 3 pieces instead of the two-piece outfit of Burqini. The Veilkini is also used as a normal name for all the Muslim swimwear. The veilkini has a trouser, a long top and the hood making the hijab on the head. Pieces can be clipped or tied together. The trouser part is rather loose fit in which case they have strings down in order to prevent any rolling up. The swimwear’s material is light and so it dries quickly. As a new invention, the materials have been made antibacterial, having quick drying abilities and giving sun protection to its wearer, some of them up to SPF 50+.

In Dubai, the brand Mycozzie is used. Mycozzie is an original Dubai brand making Muslim swimwear for women and girls with the usage of light and shiny colours, not forgetting to offer the black options either. Mycozzie stores are everywhere in Dubai, so if you feel like trying how does it feel to wear a real Muslim swimwear, then don’t hesitate and try one on. Dubai women love Mycozzie which, although is offered for the public through stores too, generally makes its sales through internet ordering.

There are many more stores offering Veilkini and Burqini styles of Muslim swimwear, but they mostly target the Arabic speakers, so their websites are either non-existent or not available in other languages. In case you are a Muslim woman living abroad facing such problems of swimming publicly, do not hesitate to order one of these Muslim swimwear in order to have fun and preserve dignity at the same time. The usage of Veilkini and Burqini is allowed in most Muslim countries.

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