Cartier Ring as a Gift?

Being one of the best jewellery brands in the world Cartier has showrooms all over the world, where they all operate with success. With outstanding and vast collections, Cartier is definitely a brand always to look at, for fans of high profile jewellery. In Dubai, multiple Cartier showrooms work with success and in our article, we will discover all the several sorts of Cartier rings, which you can buy in Dubai, as gifting a Cartier ring is the perfect way to impress your loved one.

Cartier has been operating in Paris for almost 200 years now. Started out originally with high ambitions in watch making, Cartier today deals with first class watches and jewellery in the same time. The brand is one of the biggest jewellery brands in the world, offering more than 20 different collections of jewellery and more than 30 different styles of watches. If you want to buy Cartier rings, you can be sure, that you will get elite quality for your money. Cartier rings are made of gold, white gold, pink gold or tricolour made out of three different styles or sorts of gold.

Cartier rings are especially a popular buy as wedding and engagement rings. The brand offers its own Eternity rings and has recently created its Love Rings, which is a Cartier invention, including thick gold bands decorated with diamonds similar to Eternity rings. Only in these Cartier rings, the diamonds are much bigger and they are located further from each other. Diamond stones are making a circle in the middle part of the ring and each ring includes eight diamond stones. Love Rings come out in gold and white gold ranges. At Cartier, you can buy some of the most beautiful engagement rings in the world! At Cartier showrooms, engagement rings, wedding bands and all other styles of rings usually create three different classes of rings.

Trinity Cartier rings are also Cartier’s own inventions, not only featuring 3 different colour rings made into being one great ring, sometimes one ring is decorated with for example leopard prints (Trinity du Panthére). The tricolour rings normally feature yellow, white and pink gold creations, other styles feature diamond, white gold and black ceramic ring in one, apart from these key styles these Cartier rings come out in about a dozen different styles.

Apart from these key styles of Cartier rings, there are about a dozen different styles Cartier rings represented in the different collections of the brand. These signature collections, like Collection Logo du Cartier or Evasion Joallerie, Cartier Heart and many other outstanding creations, the variety here is close to endless. Cartier uses mainly gold and platinum for its Cartier rings but it has also started to adapt ceramics and titanium in its male rings collections.

Cartier has four of its own brand showrooms in Dubai; you can find these in Dubai Mall, Mall of the Emirates, BurJuman Shopping Mall and in the Jumeirah Towers Boulevard. Cartier rings and jewellery are also sold by Paris Gallery, Rivoli and Gems World brands that you can find in every single shopping mall of Dubai. We really suggest you to check out the unique, beautiful Cartier rings in Dubai, especially during a shopping festival here, when everyone has great discounts.

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