Dhamani Diamond Jewellery

Dhamani Jewellery is among the most respected and visited jewelleries in Dubai. The Indian jewellery is especially famous for its fine diamonds, among which especially one cut stands out, the world famous “Dubai Cut”. Dhamani Jewellery has several shops all around Dubai, where you can look at their special fine quality diamonds.

Dhamani Jewellery originated from India but made its business really flourish in Dubai. Dhamani works with several diamond exporters, has established partnerships with Indian and with Russian diamond mining and polishing companies. Dhamani Jewellery manufactures its own jewellery, which is among the best in Dubai and deals with loose diamonds in all of its shops. Dhamani Jewellery has become extremely famous when the Dubai Multi Commodities Centre as the centrally responsible organization for all sorts of commodity trading including gold and diamonds, in order to create and market a special diamond cut called Dubai Cut, has appointed it. Dhamani Jewellery made its homework very finely with the establishing of a never-seen-before unique cut called the “Dubai Cut”. The Dubai Cut is very special in many ways. First of all, its very special because it’s the first ever cut named after a name of a state, in this case a sheikhdom. The Dubai Cut has 99 facets as to represent the 99 names of Allah. These 99 facets deliver an excessive shine for diamonds which are cut this way. The cutting process in this case lasts longer than normal as it takes special efforts to choose the best diamonds, polish them and then to cut them. Dhamani Jewellery is exclusively appointed by Dubai (DMCC) to deliver this special cut only and exclusively in Dubai. As this cut needs a longer process, Dhamani shops can’t store a lot of these. Dubai Cut diamonds are sold as parts of jewellery or a set and also as loose diamonds. In the case of Dubai Cut, Dhamani jewellery also does sell either customised loose diamonds with Dubai Cut or special jewellery where diamonds are cut with Dubai Cut. Each Dubai Cut diamonds contain the letter “D” engraved into the diamonds with laser.

The Dubai Cut has been created with the strong cooperation between Dhamani Jewellery and the Russian Kristall Corporation who is among the Nr. 1 diamond manufacturers in Russia. Dubai Cut diamonds are secured by a legal patent which protects the cut and ensures that the cut is performed only on the highest quality diamonds. Dubai Cut diamonds can not be resold to any retailers and can be sold only and exclusively in their homeland, in Dubai. This is to inspire jewellery-tourism to Dubai even more. According to DMCC and Dhamani, these special diamonds act as special Dubai souvenirs as well, in its highly polished, beautiful shape they say that it reminds of the overall style of Dubai.

Find Dhamani Jewellery in Dubai where you can take a look at the unique Dubai Cut diamonds in the Mall of the Emirates, in the Gold Souk of Deira, in the Maktoum Street, in the Gold and Diamond Park and in the huge Dubai Mall as well. Dhamani Jewellery has become one of the most prominent jewelleries as the unique seller of Dubai Cut diamonds.

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