Dhow Cruising in Dubai

Dhow cruising in Dubai

Dhow cruising is one of the most popular Dubai attractions; it should definitely be on the must-see list of everyone who is visiting Dubai. You can enjoy dhow cruising either during the day or in the evening hours. Both types of cruises will make you know about this spectacular city from a different angle.

The dhows used for dhow cruising in Dubai, are traditional Gulf-Arabic vessels that have been in use for a long time mostly by merchants who would transport their goods with dhows to other Gulf countries, even travelling down to middle Africa sometimes. The look of dhows is unique as all of them are traditionally made of tin that makes them overall resistant to seawater.

Now, due to the idea of dhow cruising in Dubai, many have transformed the interior and exterior of their dhows to welcome tourists more nicely. Most of them have their windows and overall appearance renovated. Dhows are different sizes; most of them have two levels. Today the renovated dhows have mostly air-conditioners on the first floor and have an open deck on the second floor. Dhows operate freely within the Dubai Creek.

Dhow cruising in Dubai mostly operates in and around the Dubai Creek area. The Dubai creek crosses the old downtown area of Dubai and it is full of beautiful sites, giving the best view for a cruise.

There are more types of cruises for dhow cruising in Dubai, offering shorter and longer programmes for their guests. While some type of cruises solely operates within the Dubai Creek, others leave the creek to take an excursion inside the Dubai Marina. The most popular are the one or two hour sightseeing tours. It is beautiful to see Dubai from the sea. During your cruising in Dubai, when you sail next to Jumeirah Beach, you will see the worldwide known complexes of Palm Jumeirah and the Jumeirah Beach Hotel. You will see the iconic Burj Al Arab and the Dubai Marina rich in canals with the beautiful Marina building and all its skyscrapers. Dubai Marina is the best to see in the evening.

Cruising in Dubai takes place day and night, each one having its own beauty. However, the night cruises are more popular, as the city is beautiful at night with all the lights and a dinner on board enjoying the music that play on-board. Dhow cruising in Dubai has quickly become one of the most popular touristic programmes. You can even get a dhow to visit Abu Dhabi or the neighbouring emirates. If people have different needs, some suppliers of dhow cruises also operate modern boats or even yacht charters.

Among the most popular on-board programs, you will find belly-dancing and live music shows of traditional Gulf-Arabic music. Consumption of alcohol is not allowed in Dubai at public places; you can only consume alcohol within the hotel or other touristic complexes.

You can order for dhow cruising in Dubai at any hotel or just at any place while you are walking in town. Dhow cruising in Dubai is one of the best yet most economical programs showing the most beautiful sites of Dubai.

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