Dhow Dinner Cruise

It is nothing new for people to have romantic dinner evenings in different settings – in an expensive restaurant, in a quiet, cozy bistro, in the privacy of one’s own home. An evening of such dinner will make you feel light at heart and rejuvenates you for the following days. But, if you are in Dubai, such dinner can be far more exciting. It is known as Dhow Dinner. It is a very special experience that one can enjoy while in Dubai. Book an evening for a Dubai Dhow Dinner Cruise and that will be an experience that you cherish all your life.

Dhow is a cruise boat. This wooden cruiser is decorated in the traditional Arabic style. Sailing onboard this cruise boat is a fantastic experience by itself. Add to it the excitement of sailing when it showers moonlight. Then, reserve a dinner session on dhow for such a moonlit night. The excitement translates into a sedate, romantic, cherishing experience. As your cruise boat quietly floats over the waters, the brightly lit landmarks of Dubai dazzle you. This is the time when you will blissfully enjoy beholding a fine blend of conventional and the contemporary grandeur of Dubai.

It is worth taking your time off from your all other engagements, no matter how important they are. If you are a person for some romance, going at least once for the Dhow Dinner time is worthier than anything else. It is out of this world to be watching Dubai’s skyline embellished by stars, silently drifting on quiet waters.

The Journey
When you book a Dhow Dinner Cruise time, all arrangements are of regal status. An air-conditioned coach will report at your hotel to pick you up and take you to the cruise boarding point. The wonder-vehicle, the wooden dhow will be waiting there for you. There will be an English-speaking guide to accompany you and talk about the places around you. It is an experience that only you can feel for yourself. Words cannot describe how you feel sailing over the Persian Gulf, admiring the skyline and enjoying your special dinner under the moon..

The Menu
The menu for the dinner will be again an Arabian specialty. First you will have Arabic Lentil soup that will absolutely satisfy your taste buds. The main course will have you drooling. Whether it is Grilled Chicken Shish Taouk, Barbecue Arabic Lamb Kofta, Fresh Fillet of Hammour with Light Lemon Sauce, Fresh Gulf Shrimps in Garlic-Herb Sauce, Sliced Tenderloin Steak W/ Mushroom Sauce, Arabic Pilaf Rice with Raisins & Nuts, Selection of Fresh Steamed Vegetables, Okra Stew with Fresh Tomato Sauce & Oregano, the list takes you over. The typical Arabian taste and the settings are something very unique.

Then you have a selection of Lebanese Baked Manakish, a variety of salads, desserts, all of which will fully satiate your appetite for good food. When you are dropped back at your hotel, you are sure to wonder if you had been to a dreamland!

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