Driver Jobs in Dubai

Being a driver is a normal thing in Dubai, which is the city of the limousines, the rich people and the car rentals, where almost every second tourist will need a car, often with a driver. For this reason, finding chauffeur jobs in Dubai is not hard at all. Driver jobs are available all over Dubai throughout the internet.

The only thing that might hold you back is the knowledge of Arabic language. Unless you find a job as a family driver or chauffeur, you might need to speak Arabic as it has key importance on the routes and in the everyday life of Dubai most naturally. Let us see now what types of driver jobs are available in Dubai, just averagely:

Driver of public vehicles
This one goes strictly for Arabic speakers, as the staffs with whom you must stay in communication are mostly Arabic speakers. These jobs are mainly for buses. In the recent years, Dubai has made a dramatic expansion on its number of both bus lines and buses, and that is why the need for bus drivers is always there. This is one of the most recent driver jobs in Dubai.

Driver at a car rental
This one also is mainly for Arabic speakers. This is also one of the most common ways of being a driver. If you speak Arabic and know yourself around town and you are a good communicator who can also take the role of a guide, then this job is for you. This is a well paying opportunity. Many tourists, who rent a car, may need a driver at least for the starting days, in order to gain an overall knowledge of Dubai and for bigger excursions. Look for driver jobs enlisted by car rentals or visit some directly, and ask if they need a good driver.

Limousine driver
Limousine is the type of car that needs a special driving licence and needs limousine-driving experience. If you are one of the few, who has all this and you can get by in Arabic, then do not hesitate to choose this job. Limousines here are highly rented, for all special occasions and business meetings. Almost every second rental company has limousines included in their offers, so this is a great chance for you, as a starting job. Look for driver jobs through rental companies in Dubai.

Family driver
Now, this is a great task, one of the best driver jobs in Dubai, because it gives you meal and accommodation in most cases. Although it requires the knowledge of Arabic language, yet it is a good and stable opportunity, until it lasts. Both local and expat families, especially who have elders in the family or who are in a wealthy situation to afford a driver are always in search of family drivers. The families mostly get drivers through acquaintance or by advertising.

Company driver
Some companies in Dubai employ drivers for the bosses when they need to go to a business meeting or on a business trip. It is always handy to have a driver parking and taking care of the car. This is not among the easiest driver jobs to get, as in most cases; the waiting list is quite long. It all depends on how you “sell” yourself through your CV and the personal interview.

Therefore, there are plenty of possibilities when we are talking about driver jobs in Dubai, some are harder and some are easier to get. The most important is, to stay strong and not losing your self-confidence. If you really want good driver jobs in Dubai, you must be smart and equipped with a good CV.

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