Dubai Buses

Dubai Buses

When you are in Dubai, you will see how beautiful and colourful town it is, situated in the Persian Gulf, being the “Pearl” of the Middle East. It packs with so many attractions and architectural arts, which all made it to become an attraction in itself! When you would like to spend a longer time in this huge metropolis, eventually you must get advice about the local public transportation too. Dubai buses are to be one of the most efficient ways to go around the city, being the most efficient and cheap. Due to the growing need, Dubai buses will soon be richer with more than a thousand new buses to make bus transportation more useful.

Dubai buses should have been the best way of transportation, especially when it comes to the number of people that a bus can carry. You can see the bus has a great importance in the traffic of the city. However, Dubai buses has encountered a couple of problems in their functioning by far, namely the lack in number and the lack in quality. Today, it is only the south Asian workers and their families who use buses the most. That is the reason why both tourists and locals are a bit reluctant when it comes to go anywhere inside the city by bus. If you notice the long waiting time and the number of people waiting for a bus, then they would simply hire a taxi instead, when it comes to going anywhere inside the city.

Fortunately, the government of Dubai has also noticed the negative sides of bus transportations and started a makeover process in the operation system of Dubai bus transportation. First, there were the routes. Giving the task to the Roads and Transport Authority, they have started to develop an altogether 193 routes, in which Dubai buses run every weekday. However, the problem of the number and overall quality of buses remains. So the solution they found lies in the purchase of more than one thousand six-hundred brand new, air-conditioned buses, which, if integrated in the traffic of Dubai buses, will then solve the problem of bus transportation. This schedules to happen step-by-step in the upcoming years.

Dubai buses however have always proved to be the best and quickest way for everyone who needed to go to from one to the other town or country. Al Ghubaiba Bus station is now the biggest central bus station of Dubai, situated in the Bur Dubai part of the city, where it is easy to get by metro or taxi. From here, goes the long-haul Dubai buses to every part of the Emirates and even to other countries like Saudi Arabia, Oman, Qatar or Iran, just to mention a few examples. The long-haul Dubai buses equipped with good quality seats and with air-conditioning as well.

As we see, Dubai still has a lot to improve in its traffic in order to accommodate to the growing of population. Dubai buses carry high potential in the public transportation system, so let us hope that the new buses soon integrate into traffic. This will make Dubai buses to be the most efficient within the public transportation system of Dubai.

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