Dubai Company Registration

Company registration in Dubai is not a hard process but it is quite expensive. Before company registration in Dubai, you need to think through a couple of things and also count on what needs to be done and this way, you can be done with the whole process within a day.

Let us see what you need to know and do before company registration in Dubai:
First, decide what type of business you are to do in Dubai. Inbound and Outbound business is very different here. If your operations are targeting Dubai, you will need a Dubai business partner with whom you will make a joint membership company with the Dubai partner having 51% of ownership rights. If you only want to move your operations to Dubai to save money on the costs, then you will need to look for a FTZ or Free Trade Zone where you can do so. Each Free Trade Zone work with different requirements aiming such international companies which wish only to operate in the UAE without doing actual business activity there. Operation is tax free within the Free Trade Zones, which makes a company save huge amounts of money. Check out the local company forms and get money and/or partners accordingly. You will need to find a lawyer to create your Memorandum of Association that complies with the local laws, so he will help you with the choosing of the best form of business for you. Normally most companies work as Limited Liability Company, the founding of which needs an AED 300,000 as the base amount of the company. Before registering, you will need to open a bank account where you deposit the funds that you need for the company you establish.

Company registration in Dubai is dealt within one main office: the Dubai Department for Economic Development also often called as DED.
1. Registering of Trade Name: quicker to do online
– Go to the website of DED first. Check out whether your company name is accepter or not.
– Complete the application for name reservation
– Wait for the letter that approves your trade name. This process costs AED 200 ( USD 55)

2. First, you need to get a Business Licence from DED. Here is what you do: quicker to do online – Complete the Registration and Licensing Application Form with all the company’s details including its legal form. This you can do and submit online too to the Licensing Section of the DED. The fee for this process is AED 480 (USD 131).
– Wait for your licence to be issued.

3. The Memorandum of Association (MOA)
– Your hired lawyer makes the draft form of MOA including all your company’s details and the operational activities and of course, the exact type of formation together with the liabilities.
– You need to go to the Notary Office within DED for the notary to authorise and accept your MOE: The notary fee is around AED 10.000 ( USD 2,750)

4. Finalising the Registration of your company
– When you received all of these upper mentioned documents, the Business licence and the approved MOE, you will need to submit them all to the Commercial Registry section of DED to approve your company’s registration. The fee is AED 500 (USD 136).
– As soon as the registry is approved and your company’s name is included at DED’s company section that will also sent it to the Ministry of Commerce to get it registered there too, you can start your company operations.

If you are smart, company registration in Dubai will not take more than two-three days and will cost roughly USD 3500 including the lawyer fee too. Do not forget that only Free Trade Zone companies can operate with 100% ownership, so take the necessary steps, if you need to find a business partner for your office. Dubai company registration will not take much time if you do the majority of it online.

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