Dubai Creek’s Best Nightlife Spots

When you are in Dubai to spend a longer time there and you would like to get closer to know how is Dubai nightlife, you will see soon that the hub of the Dubai nightlife is along the Dubai Creek, specifically in the Bur Dubai and in the Deira districts. These Old Dubai town parts are very famous for giving place for hundreds of different bars, clubs, restaurants and discotheques.

Dubai Creek, especially in a five square kilometre circle that includes the Dubai Creek Delta, is the best party place in Dubai. This includes Bur Dubai, Deira districts. There is no sort of club, which you would not be able to find here. Due to the extra high number of diverse category hotels, these districts are by far the busiest by night, with the inclusion of Al Rigga and Karama districts. While in Bur Dubai 45 diverse clubs, lounges and bars can be considered, in Deira the number of the same Dubai nightlife places is close to 70! From the different ethnic bars, restaurants and discos to the best international clubs you will surely find the one best fits to your taste.

Let’s see now some of the most notable clubs where you can best catch the Dubai nightlife feeling in Bur Dubai:

Barrel’s Pub: a perfect sports club with a great expat clientele and a nice variety of snacks

Bollywood Café: if you are hungry for the Oriental atmosphere then your place is right here. You can dance to the great rhythms of Indian music from the best movies and you can even taste some of the great Indian food of the Café too.

Chill Rooftop Club: located inside the Royal Ascot Hotel this place has great views to the city and to the beautiful Dubai Creek. It’s a great bar with nice assortments of food and weekends it turns to a disco.

Elegante: having the largest dance floor in Dubai, this is a perfect club for a great electric night out. Ladies’ night is on every Wednesday.
Rock Bottom Café, Rock City and Rockafellas for the likers of rock music. For best music experience, try the Music Room. In the Rock Bottom Café, you can even have chance for a fun karaoke and this is the place where there is shisha available for the public. Such a perfect piece of Bur Dubai nightlife.

Waxy’s is a great Irish bar with a great atmosphere, which can also be thanked to the regular deals on certain drinks.

Let’s see the best recommended places to see great Dubai nightlife in Deira.
Al Mushref: a real Arabic –Oriental nightclub with all what it takes. Here you will find shisha, belly dancing, Arabic music a perfect authentic piece of Dubai nightlife. To see similar Arabic style nightclubs, try also Al Sahariya and Shahriar clubs, not to mention the masterpiece simply called Arabian Nightclub. Try some great Iranian nightclubs such as the Tehran by night. Great music!

Arbat Russian Club: there are two good Russian places in Dubai, the Arbat and the Red Star. Arbat also represents Russian dancers and music with Russian dishes. Good dancing possibilities air-condition very cold here.

Downtown Sports Bar and Grill: great food, great atmosphere, the whole place is really recommended for everyone. If you are hungry for style and elegance head for the Velvet Bar.

To get closer to Indian discos try the Bollywood Stars Club or Ashiana clubs all featuring stylish decors and good music.

Before going out remember to dress up properly. Dubai nightlife prefers those with a style. Too revealing clothes can lead to false ideas about you, if you are a woman. In case of men too, proper dressing up is required, some elegant stylish summer suite is the best option, for woman black tunic with some glitz and glamour. Dubai nightlife ends at 4 am but till then you have plenty of time for having fun.

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