Dubai Industrial City

Dedicated to be the industrial hub of Dubai, the Dubai Industrial City is one of the hugest projects, which is currently under construction in the Jebel Ali part of Dubai. Jebel Ali is supposed to be an entire business hub of Dubai, with its port being the biggest in the world, it will be much easier for companies who deal with export-import business straight from the Dubai Industrial City.

Dubai International City will be a cornerstone of the new developing industrial life of Dubai, with all the huge investments executed in order to have this monstrous place done by 2015. Dubai International City will altogether have six zones:
– food and beverage
– transport equipment and parts
– machinery and equipment
– base metal
– chemicals
The huge warehouses of the complex were finished back in 2009. Each zone or segment will contain all specific instrumental background, so that it can work as faultlessly as possible. The Dubai Industrial City will also create thousands of new workplaces. Each segment will deal exclusively with the tasks enlisted above.

The complex has plans to have its main road system and all the catering and accommodation possibilities. The Dubai Industrial City will occupy an enormous area having around 450 million square metres. The whole complex will be near to Jebel Ali International Airport, which deals with the cargo shipments mainly making it an ideal destination for the ideal handling of all air-cargo shipments as well.

For these reasons, we can see in the above-lying description that the Dubai Industrial City generates much interest in the international industrial sphere. The Dubai Industrial City offers an enormous industrial and storage place in its zones that will make this place soon full of international workers.

Dubai Industrial City does not only provide place for international industrial companies to settle here, but it will also contain several types of accommodation for the workers, and several facilities, which will make the whole complex like a huge industrial ship in the Middle of the ocean. They try their best in order for the workers to spend as less time as possible in dealing with anything else that is not work. Of course, this has all the good sides for the company who employs them. Next to the warehouses and worker’s residences, there will be several office entities inside the Dubai Industrial City.

As mentioned before, Dubai Industrial City expects companies who deal with an activity related to one of the six upper-mentioned sectors. The area will offer a low cost ways for a company to produce, sell and to transport their goods through either air or the water cargo.

Though not built to be a tourist attraction, the Dubai Industrial City, together with the whole Jebel Ali industrial areas such as the Jebel Ali Freezone, are worth seeing once, just because of their pure size and affinity to handle an unbelievable amount of business activity over here. You will get this chance, if you come once to Jebel Ali Resort to enjoy the fresh water of the sea and exercise some of your favourite water sports you will go through the huge industrial zone of Dubai Industrial City.

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