Dubai Silicon Oasis

Dubai Silicon Oasis is a great pioneering business complex that offers an overall tax-free operation. Dubai Silicon Oasis is not only a working zone, but also a living zone with all the amenities and services necessary for both a living and a working environment.

Dubai Silicon Oasis Authority (DSOA), owned by the Government of Dubai was established in 2004 as one of the first of such business possibilities in the whole world. The Dubai Silicon Oasis came as the idea of the Sheikh Al Maktoum in order to make more big international companies to move and operate from Dubai, providing both a living and working integrated business complex. Dubai Silicon Oasis offers lots of benefits for the companies operating from there, including 100% foreign ownership, absolutely no obligation of paying any type of tax, low operation costs, and 100% recapitalization of the capital, not to mention the limitless cooperation possibilities in-between the companies operating from there.

Needless to say, that the name of Dubai Silicon Oasis came from the world famous Silicon Valley in the United States, wanting to become even bigger than its Californian predecessor. The Dubai Silicon Oasis has a great location in terms of business, located just 15 km away from the Dubai International Airports and 20 minutes from the Jebel Ali port, strategically the most important port of Dubai city and sheikhdom. The whole area is equipped with its inner road system and everything that allows a faultless inner operation the whole area of Dubai Silicon Oasis is 7.2 square kilometres. The area is also equipped with perfect internal and outgoing communication system, along with a fibre optic network with eight power stations with a 1600 MW overall capacity, supporting the complex.

There are several international companies, which already operate from the territory of the Dubai Silicon Valley, like the Phillips, Fujitsu, AMS, Synopsys and Schneider Electric. Other than this, there are the following segments within the Dubai Silicon Oasis depending on the actual type of operation, there is an IT and Electronic segment, a law segment together with the international business consultation companies and the third area is the automobile, biotech, aerospace and alternative energy development segments. The whole living and working population of the Dubai Silicon Oasis is almost reaching 200,000 people. The whole amenity system of the Dubai Silicon Oasis is ensured in every possible way.

The following activities are the most common in the area of operation of the Dubai Silicon Oasis: the import-export business activities, all sorts of distribution and assembly and a big part are aimed for those companies who deal with manufacturing. Dubai Silicon Oasis also offers an extra fast set-up package for all companies who wish to move there.

We cannot tell you to visit the Dubai Silicon Oasis as a tourist, because it contains not many attractions to see. However, if you are dealing with one of the upper mentioned businesses, then visit the Dubai Silicon Oasis. Might be that you can make your overall costs even 50% lower if you decide to operate from there, not to mention the tax-free operation.

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