Enjoy a Delicious Dinner at Century Village

Century Village is a beautiful and enchanting complex in Dubai that serves as a sanctuary of peace and tranquility. This is a rare one-of-its-kind complex where the guests have the choice and privilege of tasting foods from all parts of the world – all in one place. This is a complex of Indian, Persian, Mediterranean, Japanese, Portuguese, Arabian, French, Italian, and British restaurants that offer their cuisine. The different aromas and tantalizing smells that greet you here is something incredible. Most of the restaurants offer you a choice of outdoor or indoor settings.
• Masala Craft: This is one of the excellent restaurants which offers fine Indian cuisine and which specializes in ‘tandoor’ cooking.
• Sarband: This is a superb restaurant that offers Persian cuisine. Step into the restaurant to enjoy their mouth-watering ‘kebabas’ and home-made bread, and which goes well with their excellent beverages.
• Sapphire: The Sapphire is a place that offers mouth-watering cuisine served in a cozy atmosphere. Their Thai fusion cuisine and incredibly great cocktails are great.
• Sushi Sushi: This restaurant specializes in Japanese and Oriental food. You can eat your food at a buffet or in the dining room.
• St. Tropez: This is a beautiful French restaurant that serves the finest French cuisine along with quality wines and champagne.
• China White: A Chinese restaurant that serves authentic Chinese fare. Step into the restaurant and you will not be disappointed.
• The Mazaj is the place for some authentic Lebanese dishes.
• La Vigna: An Italian restaurant that displays traditional Italian décor. Step in for some good Italian food and of course, their pizzas are the best.
• Da Gama: This is a Portuguese restaurant that offers traditional Portuguese dishes. The ambience and atmosphere are good.
• The Plaice: This is a British restaurant that serves the traditional fish and chips in the English style.
• Costa Coffee: This is the place where you can have coffees from all over the world.
When you are in Dubai, make Century Village a must-visit place.

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