Famous Indian Restaurants in Dubai

India, one of the most populated country, with its size equalling a continent, in the world, a wonderful country and culture, which leave its marks on many diverse cultures under which the Dubai culture means no exception either. India is the best known for its colours, the colourful films, the colourful foods and the colourful clothes and textiles worn by Indian women. India has a great cuisine, with tasty and unique variations. We can find Indian restaurants all over the world as well as in Dubai.

By far, we could find the best Indian restaurants outside of India to be in London, but thanks to the growing Indian population in Dubai, it is no wonder that today Dubai is among the best places in the world to find great Indian restaurants.

India equals all types of meats, which is usually chicken. Most Indian foods are made out of chicken. The Chicken Tikka is among the most preferred foods all over the world. As India is the land of the vegetarians, it is no wonder that India puts an extreme emphasis on the consumption of vegetables and fruits. Therefore, we can say that Indian cuisine is healthy. Indians, such as old Arabic people traditionally eat with hands, although you do not need to, unless you want to.

You can find the best authentic places in the Karama district, as most Indians live in this district. One excursion here equals an entire culinary expedition. Here are some of the best places in Dubai:

Situated in the Dhow Palace in Bur Dubai, this is one of the most popular elite Indian restaurants in Dubai. This is a tandoori style restaurant; the offer of food is great and fresh every single day. If you want to spend a quality evening out by trying some new cuisines, then Aangan is the place to start. Surely, you will have a great time here.

This is the hippest of Indian restaurants, all modern yet authentic with its foods and its atmosphere as well. Located in the Grosvenor House in the Dubai Marina, this is a great seaside restaurant to be. The choice is close to endless over here. Try this place and surely you will return.

The Bombay
This is one of the best authentic Indian restaurants. It is located in the Marco Polo Hotel in Deira. This is a great Bombay style restaurant, making you stay here for a long time. The place is very authentic and it is one favourite restaurant among locals and tourists as well.

These are only a couple of restaurants in Dubai among the dozens that are all must-visit places for their cuisine and style. If you visit Indian restaurants, you will be mesmerized with all the smells, flavours and music. As Arabic people, Indians are also great in the creation of their own atmosphere anywhere in the world. Try some Indian restaurants and surely, you will be a fan of Indian cuisine as well, next to Arabic cuisine of course. Dubai is a great place for visiting all the best restaurants in the world.

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