Flora Park Hotel Apartment

Dubai, as a city, is not a place where the word “budget” arises very often. As a city, it is one of the more opulent and extravagant in the world. Spending money is something that the people in control do quite freely, and the result is visible from the moment you approach Dubai in a plane or any other form of transport. The incredible level of thought that has been given to attracting individuals and families to come and stay in Dubai means that you are never a great distance away from a top-notch hotel that has had many thousands, even millions spent on it. This can mark itself out in terms of expense for the visitor – but compared to other cities of a similar nature, Dubai is not over the top in this respect.

There will, however, be many people who visit Dubai and do not want to spend too lavishly on their accommodation, feeling that it is after all just a place to lay their head and recharge their batteries for the following day, where the real spending will take place in the souks and shopping malls of Dubai itself. Rather than overspending on a hotel that towers over everywhere else, that has rooms big enough to house an elephant and butler service laid on, it is possible to book into a hotel that does not break the bank yet still offers a real level of comfort, convenience and quality. Flora Park Hotel Apartment is just one such hotel in Dubai. If you want massive opulence then the Burj al Arab may be for you. If you just want somewhere welcoming to stay, Flora Park is more than adequate.

By booking ahead of time via the internet you can even carve a little bit off the price. While some people are of the opinion that spending excessively is simply the done thing in Dubai, there really is no reason that that need be the case. And simply because you are not dropping thousands of dollars for a few nights does not mean that you will be sleeping in something downmarket. The facilities and rooms at Flora Park Hotel Apartment are really very appealing. Past customers, many of whom are repeat customers and repeat visitors to Dubai, are all too happy to give their seal of approval to this hotel – which says a lot given the standards which are so dear to the city of Dubai and its tourist industry.

Even a brief look at the hotel website will be enough to convince genuinely skeptical people that this is a hotel that does not lose out on quality or comfort despite being comfortably less expensive than many of its neighbors. There is no lack of style about the hotel, the rooms are perfectly spacious and, seen from the outside as well as the inside this is a hotel that does not struggle to impress. Sure, if you want a neon tower that troubles the clouds then the Burj is the place for you. But if you want to see the city that everyone is talking about without having to take out a second mortgage, Flora Park Hotel Apartment is a wonderful place to stay.

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