Get a Stylish Versace Watch

The story of Versace watches of course start with the story of the Versace fashion design’s careers which was starting to get trendy from the Eighties and by the Nineties it has become one of the most influential Italian brands in the world of fashion. Versace watches are created in Switzerland and are all high quality timepieces carrying the design style and world of Versace of course also in their price, they are among the most expensive designer watch brands in the world. Dubai also loves Versace watches so for this reason there are many stores and also Versace brand stores where you can find these beautiful timepieces.

Let’s take a look at the world of Versace watches a bit closer. The plan on creating a diverse jewellery and watch range for Versace came up in the middle of the Ninetees. And as Versace didn’t know much about watch making, it has made an agreement with the Dutch-American Timex Group which exclusively deals with Versace watches through its specialised company called Vertime Watches. Versace comes up with great colourful collections of timepieces every year. Although its collection is not the biggest in the world the Versace watches are all made up for perfection and also Vertime manufactures the jewellery pieces of Versace. Some of the iconic Versace watches include the DV-1 which was first released in 2005. The unique thing about the watch is its material as its among the first timepieces made of ceramics and the watches design also make this watch an immediate success. In 2007 Versace Watches released its first Swiss Versace COSC chronometer watch edition which also has the certificate of COSC. In 2008 the first collection of Versace watches equipped with the famous Tourbillon system are released by the Acron Tourbillon exclusive collection which is released in limited edition. An interesting note, the second Versace boutique in the world which was dedicated exclusively for Versace watches and jewellery has opened in the Dubai Mall in 2009.

Among the freshest women’s collection of Versace watches we must mention the Destiny collection which offer high profile luxury watches with excellent Swiss mechanism and great Italian design by Versace for the public. These watches are highly decorated with diamonds or other gemstones, watches are also released in white, yellow, rose and red gold. The system of the watches is Swiss quartz. The most expensive first class edition of Versace Watches is the unique collection called Eon Ellipse. These are very serious items with the most unique designs and the best Swiss mechanism. They are highly decorated with diamonds and are made of all types of gold. These watches are destined to be worn in the evening for special events. The Réve and Crios brands are also highly appreciated jewel watches of Versace watches. Versace watches you can find Dubai in the Dubai Mall, the Mall of the Emirates and in the BurJuman Shopping Mall. The Dubai retailer of Versace watches is the Dubai Watch Gallery store chain, which has several shops in every shopping centres in Dubai.

Versace watches look great and really exclusive and for this reason they are sold in fine quantities in Dubai and in the whole Middle East. Dubai is one of the very few countries with original Versace Watches and Jewellery boutiques and here you can buy watches for a much cheaper price.

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