Getting Traditional Egyptian Food In Dubai

Are you looking for some Egyptian restaurants in Dubai? Well, your task will be not as easy as with the Indian or local Lebanese cuisine, but if you read this guide or simply go to the Karama district, you can surely find some of the nicest North African and Egyptian restaurants.

Well, Egyptian food is not as popular as the Moroccan dishes, the simple reason is that the Egyptian food is not that much characteristic as the Moroccan cuisine’s specialities. The cuisine of Egypt on one hand contains the traditional Arabic bread, the kofta or grilled meat and the heavy usage of the popular fava beans. On the other hand, Egyptian cuisine has many elements taken from the Mediterranean, mainly Greek and Turkish region, such as stuffed vine leaves.

The most characteristic Egyptian dishes, which are also served at Egyptian restaurants in Dubai, are called Ful Medames bi Tahini, the traditional fava beans served with fresh vegetables and lots of pita bread. Koshari is spaghetti served with rice, lentils and fried onions, pigeon meat stuffed with rice and Fetir Meshaltet, Shawerma like the roasted kebab meat, the ta’amiya the Egyptian falafel, made out of vegetables and often used as seasoning or simply instead of meat. Baba Ghannoug is a type of Hummus made in both Egypt and in the Middle East, and Egypt has also implemented the Turkish baklava into its cuisine, so if you want, you can have baklava at Egyptian restaurants.

So, let us see two of the most popular Egyptian restaurants in Dubai.

Grand Abu Shakra
This is one of the most visited and anticipated Egyptian restaurants in Dubai. Located in Deira at Maktoum Street, you can be sure that it is famous. The restaurant serves the so-called Egyptian koshari or street dishes that are simply great and all is freshly roasted, cooked and served over here. Try the ta’amiyya, which is the Egyptian falafel, served with beans as is usual in Egypt. The ful medames here contains versatile beans mashed together with garlic, parsley and lemon juice containing lots of olive oil.

Abou El Sid
It is quite a new restaurant located in the Midriff district and within the Midriff City Centre shopping mall, close to the Rashidiya Metro station. The restaurant is already very famous for its great cuisine and extra wide choice of meals. Ask the help of the staff if you feel confused, they are very helpful. Try the Kishk, which is a great dip next to meats like kobeba meatballs out of lamb or their spicy sausage stuffed with rice. As for the main meal go for the chicken with a great walnut sauce, this meal is a sure winner. As for the dessert, go for a fetir, the Egyptian pancakes served with sweet walnuts.

These are the two main Egyptian restaurants for you to try Egyptian food when you are staying in Dubai. Of course, if you ask a local or at your hotel, you might get more information but surely, the above-mentioned Egyptian restaurants serve the best Egyptian specialities in the metropolis.

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