Habib Bank in Dubai

Habib Bank, Bank Al Habib and HBL Pakistan come from the same source although the HBL, which is the biggest, and today a governmentally owned bank originating and still called as Habib Bank internationally. The Habib Bank is one of the biggest banks in the world, especially when talking about Islamic banks. With its 1450 branches in Pakistan and a further 55 in the 5 continents of the world, the Habib is one most important bank of Pakistan and the best bank for Pakistani expats all over the world. Let us see what more it is worth knowing about the largest national bank.

Habib Bank is a commercial bank, which means that it primarily deals with commercial, corporate and private corporate banking. Habib bank was born not long after the state of Pakistan was born which was intended to be a separate country for the Indian Muslims but today, it is among the most important religious bastions of the Islamic members. With the establishment of Habib Bank, with the help of the wealthy Habib family, Pakistan’s first very own bank was born. Habib Bank has its headquarters in Karachi. The bank was giving help for all those Muslims who wanted to create Pakistan and the bank’s charity operations are extremely good.

Today Habib Bank also means the Switzerland based subsidiary of Habib bank that was not nationalised and still in possession of the Habib family. Habib Bank AG Zurich differentiates itself by its services, which include solely private banking services and has its international connections with England, Dubai and UAE, Switzerland and Kenya. The bank has been dynamically growing together with the thousands of Pakistani nationals who decide going to another country to get better working opportunities but need such a trusted account through which it is easier to send money back to the family. Habib Bank in any ways is represented in Dubai, which is home to many Pakistani too.

Habib Bank was nationalised on 01st January 1974 by the Pakistani government. Next to Dubai, Habib Bank have a high number of branch offices in the whole Middle Eastern region, especially in Oman and Bahrain. The private Habib Bank AG offers the following services:

Deposit products: this unit is in connection with the opening of an account, may it be Current, Savings, Time Deposit or Call Deposit account.
Lending Products: this unit deals with revolving and fixed term credits.
Private Banking: services here include Capital market, Fixed Income and Bonds, Mutual Funds, Structured Products and Capital guaranteed products, custodial and nominal services, Portfolio Management.
Correspondent Banking: this unit deals with Fund Transfer, Trade Finance, Cash Letters services
Other products include Wage Protection System, Credit Cards, Remittance or transfer of funds, traveller’s cheques.

Habib Bank as you see have really such services which include just everything financially possible. The bank is popular in Dubai although we do not have much knowledge on its actual statistics, being a private bank holding private accounts. Habib Bank has several branches in Dubai, yet first you need to check the net in order to find the one, which is more convenient for you.

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