Hair Transplant in Dubai

Millions of people in the world feel annoyed, desperate and depressed because of the genetic heritage of becoming bald early. Although this characteristic is for men, many women also suffer from hair loss, either because of a disease or because of the post effect of chemotherapy. Therefore, hair transplanting is a very popular treatment used with success all around the world and Dubai is no exception from that. Hair transplant is therefore offered at most Dubai cosmetic surgery clinics too. Let us see where people can get the best service and some basic information on the method of hair transplant.

Hair transplant has several ways and forms in order to implant hair on one part of the sculp. Most people who would like to have hair transplant are suffering from partial baldness. In these cases, the hair of the patient can be used taken from the back of the neck area where there is the highest number of hair. Usually, this is the treatment applied, as the body knows that the hair taken from the patient is the patient’s own, therefore it accepts it without trouble. This relatively easy process produces great results. Long time ago, hair transplant was an operation that took a long time and it took and transplanted multiple hair follicles in one place that left a much bigger part of the bald area untouched. Today, thanks to advanced technology, with the process of micro sculpting, hair follicles are transplanted one by one, creating a much better result.

In Dubai, the most trusted clinics that deal with hair transplant include the following clinics:

Silkor: This Lebanon based clinic is famous and popular all over the Middle East. They offer a nice variety of services that also includes hair transplant. Silkor has two clinics in the area of Dubai. They also offer a great range of cosmetic and spa services.

Dubai Surgery: This is a type of business organization through which you can browse among the best Dubai plastic surgeons and a huge variety of cosmetic surgery services. Dubai surgery offers hair transplant with highly updates methods.

CosmeSurge: This is a bigger clinic in Dubai dealing with a great international staff and some of the best surgeons from all over Europe. The clinic offers FUE and FUT methods of hair transplant, one meaning Follicular Unit Extraction and the other is Follicular Unit Transplant being different hair transplant methods, with FUT targeting the covering of small bald areas, while FUE gives an optimal overall solution. The clinic differentiates between hair transplant for men and for women. CosmeSurge has multiple clinics in Dubai, with the biggest one being in front of Habtoor Grand Hotel in Habtoor Towers.

ABSAMC: One of the most popular cosmetic surgery clinics in Dubai, ABSAMC deals with some of the most popular and best international surgeons. They also offer a great range of hair transplant methods, which consist of the FUT and FUE methods and they differentiate between treatments for men and for women. ABSAMC is located in Dubai Healthcare City.

Explore the newest hair transplant methods applied by the best-enlisted Dubai cosmetic surgeries for great competitive prices and a real high overall quality. Check out the above mentioned clinics and their hair transplant methods for men and women.

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