Harry Winston Jewellery

An amazing unique man named Harry Winston, who is always careful not to shown his own face in front of camera, started a jewellery company under his own name and it successfully became one of the most noted jewellery company in the world. The brand is the legacy of faith, encouragement, and excitement. In 1932, the company opened its first door and soon gained fast popularity as a reliable provider of fine diamonds and the other gemstones. Everything starts from a pure diamond in the company, and the greatest legacy of the company is the strong desire to inspire passion and knowledge of precious gemstones.

The pride of the company is built by the exclusive collections of one of a kind gemstone. It houses many famous jewels in the world. Four most popular rare stones hosted in the company are The Jonker, the Lesotho, the Court of Jewels and the Taylor Burton. The Jonker is listed as the seventh largest rough diamond in the world at 726 carats. The stone is owned by the company from 1935 and sent to the based of the company in the US. The Lesotho is the purest rough diamond of over 601 carats. It is uncut and still pure in its original shape. The diamond was originated from South Africa and purchased by the company from a woman who had unearthed the stone. The Court of Jewels is unparalleled collections in special traveled exhibition in major American cities from 1949 to 1953. The Taylor Burton is the gorgeous pear shaped diamond in 69.42 carat from the Premiere Diamond mine. All of them are the real diamonds which make the brand recorded in the history as a brand with the most precious collections of diamond in the world.

Not only does the brand house many rare diamonds of the world, it also produces distinctive design diamond jewellery. The manufacturing process of the jewellery is started with deep study of the individual gemstones to initiate distinctive and remarkable design. The pattern of each Harry Winston product is the result of collaboration between skills and hard work. The excellent team staffed by gemologist, designer, and skillful craftsman is the heaven team who is ready to give the best for the customers. The patented technique using attentive platinum settings and meticulous cutting of the stone, each masterpiece is crafted by hands in the Winston workshop. The measurement is remarkably precise; with perfect proportion, dimension, and angles of reflections. From pure raw materials of diamonds, the masterpieces are perfectly dimensional sculptures, offering unlimited aesthetic aspects that will stay unlimitedly.

Behold the incredibles, the contemporary collection of Harry Winston is offering wide range of jewellery from necklaces, earrings, rings, and bracelets. Featured necklaces products are made of diamond and sapphire, the same as the collections of earrings and rings. Ruby twist bracelets are the attractive innovations of the brand. For special engagement purposes, diamond rings and wedding bands are exclusively made for couples who are ready to welcome their happiest memory in life. With 30 days guarantee of the engagement series, the clients will get the best service to find the best rings for both sides of the couple. Or, to deliver the clients’ ideal rings, the company serves customized ring service that will bring a dream ring to life. It is a convenient choice to get personalized products with the quality of Harry Winston design aesthetic.

The best quality diamond is coming from Harry Winston Inc. which is under the rule of Harry Winston Diamond Corporation. The base of the company is in Toronto, Canada. It customizes its business in diamond with 40% interest in the Diavik Diamond Mine of Northwest Canada. The company grows from small supplier into one of the world’s leading rough diamond providers either for commerce or individual basis. For the completion of high quality jewellery, more diamonds are purchased from world-wide resources. Strict selections are conducted to get the best diamond, with the Kimberly Certification Scheme and The System of Warranties as the main references to measure the quality of the diamonds. Get the diamond now from Dubai! Visit the boutique in the Boulevard of Emirates Tower and the Dubai Mall. The best diamonds out of the best diamonds are waiting for you.

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