How To Get Married in Dubai

In this guide, we are here to help you with the arranging of your wedding procedure in Dubai. The first thing to note is, that although Dubai is a great honeymoon destination, it will take a lot of time and money for you to get married there and you can only go though the processes the most lightly if you have the same religion. Read these advices carefully on the steps on how to manage your marriage nicely and the most easily in Dubai.

1. Plans for marriage
If you want to get married in Dubai but none of you live in Dubai, then you may need to contact your local Dubai embassy in order to know how is it possible. That is the start. You may need witnesses to bring with you as well. You will need to get ready with your personal documents, including birth certificates and all other documents, which your embassy tells you. Please be aware that you will need at least 2000 EUR for all the procedures, authentifications and the ceremony. This sum equals about USD 2200. You must check out whether you can get the visas and do not agree to pay on anything in Dubai until you received the visas.

2. Preparations in Dubai
The most important is that the Dubai Court deals with all the marriage process happenings in Dubai. Please note that although you must go to the Court, but they will not perform other than Muslim weddings. If you need Catholic wedding of any sort, you will need to find an applicable church and take advices of the priest, as he is the one who manages the marriages. You also need a medical fitness certificate with blood test, which costs AED 260 if you do not live in Dubai and do not own a health card. If the groom is Muslim and the bride is not, then there is chance for them to get married at the Dubai Court straightaway. However, there need to be two witnesses and a no objection document with translation and authentifications from the father of the bride in case he is not Muslim. There is need for the papers for the witnesses and in case of a Muslim wedding both partners, must hold an UAE nationality or a residence visa.

Some general information about the Catholic wedding in Dubai: this applies the best for tourists
* You must first ask your embassy for appropriate information, as it might be that you can get married straight over there.
* If you are the same nationality, then that is the best; otherwise, it will take a lot more time and money for you to deal with your wedding in Dubai. In that case, contact both your embassies on what is best to do for you. If all paperwork is dealt with, then you can arrange the marriage. In the end of the article, you will see some useful phone numbers of churches of different religions, which arrange marriage in Dubai.
* UK Citizens will have a hard time waiting out until their bans arrive, this will take a lot of money and 3 weeks waiting.
* Meanwhile US citizens will need to get a Pastor who marries them.
* If you marry in an English speaking church, you will get an English certificate, in which case you will need to get it translated to Arabic and authentificate it with the Dubai Court for the UAE to announce it and the two ministries the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Justice including your embassy as well.

Some Important phone numbers:
* Al-Diwan (Legal Translation Division), Office 209, Modern Pharmacy Building, Nassar Square, Al Maktoum Street, Deira. Tel +971-4-2232189
* British Embassy, Dubai. Tel +971-4-3094444
* Christ Church (Anglican), Jebel Ali. Tel +971-4-8845436
* Consulate General of India, Dubai. Tel +971-4-3971222 or +971-4-3971333
* Dubai Courts Marriage Section. Tel +971-4-3347777
* Emirates Baptist Church International (Southern Baptist). Tel +971-4-3491596
* Holy Trinity Church, Oud Metha Road, Dubai. Tel +971-4-3370247
* Ministry of Justice, near Garhood Bridge. Tel +971-4-2825999
* St Mary’s Church (Catholic), Oud Metha Road, Dubai. Tel +971-4-3370087
* United Christian Church of Dubai (Interdenominational). Tel +971-4-3442509

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