Jewellery Shopping at Ibn Battuta Mall

Ibn Battuta Shopping Mall is a fairly big shopping centre that is located on the Sheikh Zayed Road in Dubai. This shopping mall which is named after the famous Moroccan traveler and explorer Ibn Battuta is divided into six courts, and named after the regions to which he traveled. Each Court is made to resemble each area of the world and is decorated with beautiful sculptures, ceilings, and mini displays. The mall is categorized into four main sections – Family & Convenience, Major Departmental Stores, Up-market Brands & Lifestyles, and Entertainment & Leisure. The Ibn Battuta Mall is the only place in the country to boast of an IMAX and it also has a 21-screen Cinema Megaplex. You will find that shopping in this mall will offer you a choice of different brands and individual retailers.

Explore the Ibn Battuta Mall and you will come to China Court, which is the entertainment zone. You will find a number of restaurants, a game zone, and a cinema complex. The restaurants here offer a variety of cuisines from all over the world. Step into Sharaf DG which is the mall’s largest electronic store where you will find every conceivable electronic device. Step into the India Court, and you will find various boutiques, classy stores, luxury brands, and other types of outlets which showcase the latest fashions. Some of the renowned outlets such as Evisu, Bauhaus, and Ginger and Lace can be seen here.

The Persia Court has been described as the jewel in crown of the Ibn Battuta Mall. You will find a dome here which has been hand-painted by a group of artists and it is a masterpiece. You can see here a number of distinguished stores such as Debenhams, H&M, Forever 21, and a glamorous Paris Gallery. You can also see a number of street-side cafes and eateries, but do take some time off and have a cup of coffee at Starbucks.

The Egypt Court will take you back to ancient history where you will rediscover history and learn all about Pyramids, hieroglyphics, temples, kings, and queens. You will see a number of book shops including Magrudy’s, toy shops, children’s clothes shops, gift shops, silver jewellery shops, and a number of entertainment areas. Before leaving the area, do not forget to take with you some handcrafted silver jewellery engraved with Arabic Calligraphy.

The Tunisia Court will transport you to the 14th century. Let your children spend some time at the Fun City while you shop at the Geant, which is a huge supermarket. You will be tempted by the number of tempting food outlets and eateries where you indulge to your heart’s content. When you enter the Andalusia Court, you will be greeted by a magnificent Lion Fountain. You will see gents and ladies salons, flower boutiques, and outlets for your every day needs.

There are a large number of jewellery shops at the Ibn Battuta Mall and some of them are well known names. Some of the prominent jewelers are Al Liali Jewellery, Clair’s Accessories, Damas Jewellery, Montblanc Jewelry, and Shalimar Jewelry.

Browsing through the Ibn Battuta Mall is a wonderful experience and shopping at the mall is bound you give an even more wonderful feeling.

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