Jumeirah Golf Estates

Jumeirah Golf Estates, with the help of their crew, designed and led by very big names within the golf industry, all of them representing the world of golf in Dubai, has been trying its very best to give something entirely new to the golf community of Dubai. The Jumeirah Golf Estates will consist of four main areas. The four areas will have names as Earth, Wind, Fire and Water. Each one of the courses will be representing the nature according to its name, gathering their most likely features representing them in favour of the golfers.

Due to the ever-growing fame of golf within Dubai, both the developers and the designers are eager to come up with new concepts of their courses, ones that will represent them and make their courses as unique as it can be. We all know that Dubai is the pioneer in the architectural representations of uniqueness, so no wonder that among the new opening golf clubs, we will always find some that are a long way from those average older-styled courses.

Each area will have their very own residence–area based on the different types of the courses. Talking about the outlook of all four areas, there will be specific designs putting an emphasis on the natural element it will symbolize. The Water will have a lot of water in their courses; Earth will show the most beautiful natural colours of soil and grass one can imagine! Wind will symbolise the power of the wind in golf and fire will have wonderful red soil combined together with the shiny grass green. The whole Jumeirah Golf Estates will look just wonderful!

The four areas will have designs made by different golf champions. For example, the golf legend Greg Norman, who took part in the designing of both Earth and Fire, or Vijay Singh, another worldwide known name, who is designing the Water and last but not least one of the current champions Sergio Garcia will be designing the Wind area of the Jumeirah Golf Estates. Out of the four areas, two are ready and functioning, namely the Earth and the Fire colonies. We say colony because no wonder the Jumeirah Golf Estates is so large that it might equal the whole area of a mid-sized city! The four areas will also contain vast residence areas, with all the supporting amenities and facilities. The base of each area will be the golf courses of different kind.

The scheduled finish of the building of the Jumeirah Golf Estates will be within 5 years, but it is already hosting several national and international championships such as the Dubai World Championship. However, there will not only be golf facilities in the Jumeirah Golf Estates, but also a good quality tennis academy.

Overall, Jumeriah Golf Estates is a must-visit for all the golf lovers of any country because for sure they will enjoy all its beauties, together with the many challenges each area will set up for them. Jumeirah Golf Estates’ Fire and Earth areas are now open to the public, and it is possible to visit these courses any day.

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