Levant Jewellery

When speaking about Dubai, the first thing comes into mind is hilarious and humongous shopping malls and annual shopping galas that take place quite frequently throughout the region. Dubai is very famous and popular mostly because of the availability of various quality products especially jewellery. High percentage of the women from all over the world have always praised and loved to pay very good prices for the spectacular brands offer in the Dubai market. Levant is the most lavish brand of the current era based in United Arab Emirates. It approaches all the biggest brands of the world and brings in common man’s range in the Dubai market, which is known as the “City of Gold”. Dubai has dramatically inclined their focus towards the gold jewellery and it has paid a huge dividend to the market in shape of vast variety equally well supported by the tremendously good quality.

The main products of the Levant can be classified as suiting; clothing, jeans, watches and jewellery. Levant has introduced more than fifteen brands of their magical and superlative jewellery and watches. Levant is one of the finest cutting edge manufacturers in jewellery and it is generating a healthy sales and profit ratio in market share of the Dubai.

Levant, mostly uses diamonds, pearls and very colourful but decent looking sapphires to glorify the magnificent designs in practical way. The artistry of the designs and finishing of the products are very justified through the clientele and market share of the company and elite class of the customers have always preferred the brand.

The Levant brand’s outlets are easily approachable for the customers and are available in the every famous market of the Dubai. Especially the biggest showroom of the brand is situated in the Dubai Mall, which can be considered one of the largest showrooms of the mall and is decorated with the stylish and prestigious product range of the brand.

The famous collections of the Levant jewellery are Leviev, Scavia, Palmiero, Stenzhorn, Schoeffel, Gavello, Anna Maria and Cammilli and known as the high profiled collections of the brand. The scintillating beauty of the colour combinations and prime look of the decency has enchanted a lot of the customers over the years. The Levant brand can be categorized in the top most wanted brands in the modern era and one of the most appreciated brands of twenty first century.The secret of the success achieved by the Levant has been the strict quality assurance policies and presence of world-class craftsmen with support of well-equipped and furnished show rooms to fascinate the attentions of the customers towards the brand.

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