Night Out & Theatres of Dubai

Dubai is making heavy efforts, in order to flourish the international cultural life of the metropolis and to become a cultural city as well as being a dominant business entity. In the past few years, several new projects and companies have been made in order to promote and refresh the cultural life of Dubai, which with the running of the years, now means intercultural.

Ever since, Dubai hosts such a high number of immigrants and foreigners living there, that it is putting large emphasis on the intercultural entertainment of everyone. In addition, Dubai people highly respect the European and Russian classical music and the Ballet. Many of the Dubai’s theatres are specifically designed to have the old look, just as the famous Operas do, all around Europe. Many people visit the Dubai Ballet or the Madinat Threatre, which represents dozens of musicals and plays. The Dubai Ballet is very popular, with the representation of famous art pieces of Tchaikovsky and other world famous old and modern palette of ballets.

Other famous art centers and Dubai theatres include the Dubai Community Theater and Art Centre Project and the Al Ahli Dubai Theatre. Both theatres represent famous Arabic and international plays and dancing performances. The Al Ahli Theatre is one of the oldest theatres of Dubai, which has been set up in the Eighties. Today, the theatre mainly represents act pieces of experimental performances.

One of the most unique theatre is the Dubai Amphitheatre in the Media City, which is a huge area with ancient Greek Style type of performances as the ancient Greeks did long ago. If the Dubai Opera will ever be built, then surely it will make Dubai the most dominant cultural centre of the Middle East. The huge Opera house will contain several segments for both musician and theatrical pieces of art. A very famous Iranian -British architect designs the Opera house. The whole Opera House will have a very inhuman look, trying to symbolize the desert dunes of Dubai. It will be on a huge area, the planned centerpiece of the Dubai Lagoons project. In addition, the Opera House is not the only one cultural project planned in Dubai. Dubai holds several cultural themed congresses and exhibitions, all aiming Dubai to be a part of the intercultural community in the world.

Smaller theatres of Dubai include the British Airways Theatre and the Indian Theatre both representing great smaller plays and other type of performances. Other than this, many theme parks have their own little theatre for the representation of local shows and performances. If you want a place to enjoy folk programs and Gulf Arabic or Touareg music and dances, then the best place to try is the Indian Theatre, as this small theatre is the part of the Intercontinental Hotel.

As you see, the theatrical life of Dubai is quite colorful and if you want more information on the actual programs and schedules of the theatres, then asks for a program map at your hotel. All the colorful Dubai theatres will tempt you to visit some of the most promising performances while you are staying in Dubai.

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