Private Banking in Dubai

Private banking should as well be called V.I.P Banking. Private Banks are the institutes that take care of the money of the very rich people. Therefore, if you want to open an account and do private banking, then it is time for you to start to collect your money. The starting amount for a private bank account generally starts from USD 100,000.

Of course for this or more extreme amounts of money makes it sure that a client will get the best pampering personalised services having their own personal bank advisor and account handler in Private Banking. Private banking is done by real professionals, making their services as good as they can get for their prominent clients and of course they do their best to invest their money at the best places, after arranging everything with the client and make the decision according to the client’s need. Fine examples for the private banks include the Coutts & Co. in London operating since 1692 and the American Brown Brothers Harriman & Co. founded in 1818. The most luxurious private banks are located in Switzerland though, in such privacy that we cannot even get their names mostly. The richest private banks sometimes only deal with the money and needs of only a handful of extremely rich clients from anywhere in the world.

Personalised services of private banking include absolutely personalised bank services for both the account holder; if they wish also for their families, they offer other special services as expert assistance, broker advice, estate planning, preparation of yearly tax documents, specialised investment services. Banks can also organize yearly meetings, luxury travels, art related exhibitions, auctions, charity balls and other special events. These are only part of all the extra services which private banks offer for their clients. It’s great to have an assistance when it comes to financial advising as there are so many people not knowing nothing about these services yet of course everything has the price. Private banking deals exclusively with personal bank accounts and investments, no company affairs, yet they can have branches or a partner bank with these services.

In addition to all the specials private banking also likes to motivate people to stay at them, with the competition being greats so they also offer free services for their clients such as the free stock watching, free account monitoring and such. It may sound interesting but there are some clients who have too much money to go to commercial banks and many commercial banks have a limit till how much money they are dealing with. So Private banking can as well be a necessity for some as is a luxury for others. Private banking has no real difference from offshore banking when it comes to the investment of lots of money.

Naturally there are several agencies that deal with the opening of private banking services but don’t get hooked too quickly or you will only end up paying more and not having many extra services. So, beware of the internet this way, rather look for a good search engine for banks and contact with some personally. Or simply ask others where they did put their money and why.

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