Ritz Carlton Beach Resort

One of the most famous names in the global hotel industry, Ritz Carlton is shorthand for something that goes beyond what you expect from a typical hotel. In terms of popularity and reputation, the Ritz name is up there with some of the very best – names which we do not need to mention here as you know them very well yourself. Ritz Carlton hotels are in that bracket, that echelon of hotels where you can be assured of excellent treatment from the staff, high quality food, rooms that meet every standard of quality and comfort, and a tasteful décor which puts you immediately at your ease.

It is no surprise then that there is a Ritz Carlton property in Dubai. It brings together the reassurance that such a major name can carry with the knowledge that a city like Dubai is an absolute by word for quality and exceeding standards. The Ritz Carlton Dubai is something which you instinctively know will be superb before even seeing it, yet it still manages to pleasantly surprise the visitor. Hoteliers in Dubai have for decades now had to think carefully when opening or refurbishing a hotel. What passes for acceptable, and might even be dubbed as classy or excellent, elsewhere will not suffice in Dubai. This is a city where only the best will do.

Getting the best is something that does require patience – any hotelier would love to be able to snap their fingers and immediately have the setting, the trimmings and the service that make a hotel spot on. But this is not something that happens overnight, and even with a name like Ritz Carlton behind the development there is still a lot of work required on the ground before you can even begin to talk in terms of excellence, luxury and the ever important five stars that a hotel will covet for its guarantee of extra numbers through the doors.

What does all of this mean for the visitor, then? Well, it means that in the midst of one of the hottest, busiest cities in the world you have a hotel located on a beachfront island, an intimate setting for a holiday that brings you privacy and relaxation away from the crowds. It means fine dining every night, and a nightlife that will suit your tastes whether you enjoy dancing the evening away or sitting quietly indoors enjoying a glass of something agreeably chilled. It means a golf course designed by and named for one of the most consistently excellent golfers of the last two decades, Colin Montgomerie. And more besides.

Ritz Carlton is one of those names where you simply do not need to add a long text explaining the philosophy, because the name itself has become shorthand for that philosophy. Knowing the name is enough to put full and absolute confidence in any traveler that the second they book in to a Ritz Carlton hotel they will receive the best of everything – and for frequent travelers who really know the difference between the best and the very good, that is hugely important.

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