Samra’s Newest Jewellery Collection

Not only is diamond the hardest material in the world, it is also the most gorgeous gemstone that has the beauty of the nature. In the hand of the qualified jeweller, Samra, diamond has become unbeatable jewellery. The hand of the company’s artist has cultivated the raw diamond and changed it into beautiful forms of jewellery, ranges from bangles to earrings. Known as the specialist of diamond Jewellery, Samra has followed a long tradition of a jeweller family. It is founded in 1941 by Mr. Deeb Abu Samra, who is a qualified jeweller in his time. He established his family corporation which later became a very reputable business and was known in the whole area of the gulf. The business has developed from a mere small family business to a giant business with multi-national range.

The initiation of the business is quite clear. Since the cost to purchase diamond jewellery is averagely high, the company tries to provide the customers with high quality diamonds and fine jewellery in as reasonable price as possible. The mission of Samra is also followed by the commitment of using the latest technology to support both producing and distribution process of the company. The brand also commits to develop and promote fashionable jewellery according to the trend of the market. As the standard of the company’s success is the satisfaction of the company, the customer-oriented strategy is the applied concept.

Since the reasonable-priced diamond and fine jewellery are the emphasis of the Samra’s production, the popularity of the brand in the UAE, including Dubai, and the region around is quite high. The collections are mainly concentrating on the use of diamonds and white gold together. The most memorable collections of the brand are the four legendary series consisting of Samra, Splendore, Paula, and Aria. They are all listed as the most favorite lines in the history of the company. Samra and Splendore are the series of wedding jewellery. They feature exclusive collection of diamond wedding bands that will be special monuments of someone’s sacred wedding day. Under their umbrella, there are diamond wedding sets. Surely, these two series are special diamond for special occasion. Yet, the other two series, Paula and Aria, are diamond jewellery series for any moments. If you prefer gold jewellery combined with attractive colored gemstone to complete your perfect appearance, then Paula should be your choice. For you who like white gold better than yellow gold, you must like the Aria collection. The selected colored gemstones are beautiful stones such as emeralds, turquoise, and ruby.

Following the development of technology and the change of the market, Samra has developed its e-commerce website. It enables people who are fond of online shopping to get their favorite diamond jewellery via online. Whether they are from Dubai or the other region, the online solution will be their best way to get the most beautiful jewellery for their special moments. The security of the payment and shipping process are highly guaranteed. It is a nice alternative to look for a surprise gift for your loved ones and to browse for great jewellery for your personal collection. Coming with the same reasonable range of price, the items are available from AED 750 to more than AED 3850; the choice is yours. Just make sure that you will get the real and legal certificate of the diamond jewellery, so that you are proven to be the owner after purchasing it.

Other than online shopping, the real diamond jewellery hunting will be an exciting experience. When you are visiting Dubai, this brand must be listed in your must-have item. It is not only iconic, but also precious collection. Some shopping malls and gold centre are your main destination to do the hunting. The main store of the brand is located in the Mall of the Emirates, one of the biggest shopping mall in Dubai. To get more options, you can visit the old part of Dubai, Deira Gold Souk; the place in which you can witness the real value of the “gold city”. There are two outlets of the jewellery available in this place. If you are staying in the area of Sharjah, you can find the outlets in the Sahara centre.

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