Shattaf Jewellers

Have you ever visited any of the showrooms of Shattaf Jewelers in Dubai? If yes, you would have noticed the beauty and grandeur of their jewelry collection that is on display. It is indeed very rare to see such exquisite jewelry with such intricate styles and designs.

Shattaf Jewellers are one of the pioneers of retail jewelry in Dubai and they have been awarded the prestigious ‘Bareeq’ certificate by the Dubai Municipality for two consecutive years. This is a certificate of ‘Good Jewelry Trading Practice’ given by the Dubai Municipality to a jewelry trading establishment for implementing criteria that includes excellent customer service, customer satisfaction, product confidence and overall value for your money. You would be surprised to know that six of the shops in their group have been certified as ‘Bareeq’ compliant.

Shattaf Jewellers is the first business venture of the Shattaf Group which was started in 1974. The Group is based at Sharjah and has interests in the fields of steel, retail, finance, and real estate. Shattaf Jewelers which, has 9 jewelry stores in Dubai alone, is a leading retailer of gold and diamond jewelry catering to the needs of the people in and around Dubai.

Shattaf Jewellers is well established and very well known for their splendid designs, exquisite workmanship, and range of jewelry. It offers you a magnificent range of jewelry comprising of necklaces, pendants, rings, earrings, bracelets, chains, and bangles in yellow gold, white gold, and yellow and white gold in combination with diamonds, pearls, and other precious stones. They also have, on display, a stunning variety of Dubai jewelry.

Shattaf Jewellers reiterates its commitment to provide excellence in all parameters of jewelry – quality, craftsmanship, and prices to acquire the top position. It is also committed for contributing towards community-welfare projects.

Find Shattaf jewellery stores at the Mall of the Emirates, and at The Dubai Mall.

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