Specials of Patek Philippe Watches

The Patek Philippe watches are one of the leading brands that have found a great following in a global market like Dubai. The watches are known for their perfection, class, elegance and beauty. The watches have a long and solid history. The reputation of the brand is unbeatable and the following of loyal clients is unbelievable. This is one of the reasons why the brand has been able to make its presence felt in a highly competitive market like Dubai.

The brand was founded in 1851; there is a history before this time too. The history of this brand starts with the AntonioPatek who was a polish watchmaker who started working with his father. This combined business of father and son lasted from 1839 till they split in 1844. After the separation from his father, Antonio Patek joined Adrien Philippe, a Frenchman. Adrian Philippe was the inventor of the keyless winding mechanism. The combination of these two led to the formation of the Patek- Philippe brand in 1851.

The brand has hence grown to employ over one thousand three hundred employees according to a study done in the year 2010. The company, which has an annual turnover running into 106.3 million, has its headquarters in Geneva. They have their showroom in all the major cities across the world including Dubai. The company is currently owned by the stern family and is led by Philippe Stern and Theiry Stern. The Stern family acquired the company in the year 1932.

What are the specials of Patek Philippe watches?
One of the main features of this brand, which few other brands can boast of, is the fact that they manufacture their own watch components. This means that every little piece that goes into the manufacture of Patek Philippe watches are manufactured in the company’s own units and nothing is sourced from outside. This leads to a direct rise in quality and, unfortunately, price.

Many of the special features of watches were developed and brought out by the Patek Philippe Watches brand. Some of their innovations include • The perpetual calendar
• The introduction of the split second hand
• Chronography
• The minute repeater

Which are the most famous watches produced by the Patek Philippe watches brand?
The brand caters not only to the rich and famous clients of the Dubai circle but also to the British royalty. Queen Victoria and Prince Albert have been using the Patek Philippe watches since 1851. A key wound watch which was created to resemble a pendant was acquired by the queen in the November of 1851. Another watch, which worn as a part of a brooch, pinned to the wearer’s clothes, is another one of the queen’s collections.

Other members of royal families, around the world, who is a fan of the Patek Philippe watches, are Denmark’s princess Louise, Italy’s King Victor Emmanuel and Egypt’s Sultan Hussein Kamel. Pope pious lX, Christian lX and Pope Leo Xlll are the other well-known users of the famous Patek Philippe watches, which have grown to be a strong connection between prosperity and popularity.

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