Spinneys Supermarket in Dubai

Dubai is an important city and renowned in the world as a tourist resort. People from all over the world visit Dubai with friends and families. Dubai is a commercial city. According to recent estimate in 2011, it was stated that it has more than fifty percent population which is not a pure resident of this land. People from other countries migrate to Dubai because it provides very healthy opportunities for business. Dubai has a wide range of shopping malls, super markets and hyper markets. These shopping malls are famous worldwide for reputation and services. You can enjoy very peaceful and enjoyable shopping in these shopping centres and markets. Spinneys Supermarket is also one of these wonderful venues. It ranked among top ten supermarkets of Dubai. It is an award winning group and also involved in civil services across the globe.

Spinneys Supermarket is located in the heart of this beautiful city. Its exact location is 11-B Street, Dubai, United Arab Emirates. This market has a very good reputation. Another chief characteristic of this market is their prices. Prices at Spinneys Supermarket are comparatively cheaper as compared to the other. You can purchase a vast variety of quality branded products in Spinneys Supermarket. You can purchase garments for ladies and gents, shoes, bags, utensils, electronic appliances and much more under one roof. ATM machine of all international and local banks are also installed in the premises of this market. Recently ladies and gent’s beauty parlours, saloons, cafes and restaurants are also established. Hence, you can enjoy shopping with beautiful dining facilities with your friends and families in Spinneys Supermarket.

In Spinneys Supermarket, very big parking facilities are also available around the market. Entry in the market is made free for the public. You are only required to prove your identity at the entrance. Administrations of Spinneys Supermarket always keep cleanliness and security at the top of the list. Cleanliness of the market is really encouraging for others and it can be set as the role model. Security arrangements of Spinneys Supermarket are very tight. Services of an international security agency are taken for the safeguard. Security cameras are installed on every five meters and you will even find cameras in washrooms.

Spinneys Supermarket is planning to open its more outlets in Dubai. They are also focusing in Asia as well. Spinneys Supermarket is basically a chain of international markets. Spinneys is a group who owned these markets solely and exclusively. It is a Lebanon group and it has several Spinneys Supermarkets that are running in China, India, United States of America, South Africa, France and Great Britain. Its biggest setup is in Dubai.

Spinneys Supermarket remains open seven days a week but in United Arab Emirates, it remains closed on Friday. It is advisable to visit Spinneys Supermarket in evening because of very hot weather conditions in the day time.

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