Start a Year With a New Dubai Job

Dubai used to have one of the fastest and most dynamic growths as for its size and industry until 2008 when a serious bankers’ trouble has finished the highflying kite and Dubai had to return to the ground. But nowadays the city is among the most liberal and most international Middle Eastern cities in the world that makes it very attractive for many. Dubai jobs are attractive and thousands of people arrive in Dubai every month to get work there, especially from Asia. Hereby we will share some important information with you on Dubai jobs:

Dubai jobs are attractive also because of the tax free being of the state, however for the residents of US and some other countries this means no total freedom from taxpaying.

Let’s see some of the most important points to take care of when applying for Dubai jobs:
• When you would like to work in Dubai, it is wise if you find an employer first. There are still not many who know that it is against UAE laws to ask money from you on behalf of employment agencies. There is especially one website that is notorious for making its job seekers pay and the site is called:
• For getting jobs, you need to have a residence visa AND a residence permit, for which you need an employment contract and other papers from your company.
• It’s important that once you have an employer then it’s the employer who pays for your visa and other papers and it’s never you. This is obligatory but if you notice some employers which try to make you pay, you need to let your embassy know that. Your employer will need your passport and supporting documents from you.
• You need a different sort of CV when you are applying for Dubai jobs
• Salaries of Dubai jobs are frequently considered as a taboo to talk about and you will averagely get very few information about salaries so we are happy that we can introduce you with a table containing the salaries of the main types of positions.
• Check out the local newspaper for jobs, such as the Khaleej Times and the GulfNews, both newspapers are published in English.
• UAE employers are still notorious to take away and keep their workers’ passports, which is really against the law and unjustified yet you can’t do nothing about it. As employers need your visa to deal with your visa and work permit procedures, this can serve as a perfect excuse for them to get your passport and then you suddenly find yourself in a situation, that you cannot ask for it, which is very bad and illegal. Just ask it everywhere and if you ever face such situation contact your embassy to ask what you can do. Without passport and visa, you cannot even travel to Oman. If you are in such situation, contact with your embassy and the Human Rights Watch and threaten the company with the press if they do not give it back to you.
• Unfortunately, employees in Dubai jobs are still trying to cope with the late, delayed or non-happening salaries. In case you have found such workplace, leave it as soon as you can.
• Always check out how many days exactly you need to work a week. Many jobs come with five and half 6-day work time. Working week is Sunday to Thursday.

As you see, Dubai jobs are not perfect and you can run into several problematic situations, which you can hopefully avoid with our help. In case you encounter any problem with your Dubai jobs then there is no use for you to go to any local offices. Inform your embassy and ask their advice on what to do.

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