Teaching Jobs in Dubai

Dubai is an emirate that has an unfinished will to learn, so there is no better place for someone to find teaching jobs in Dubai. There are all sorts of teaching jobs in Dubai starting from language teaching to the teaching of all sorts of subjects. So let us see what we can hope, if we are looking for teaching jobs over here.

Dubai is the city of science with the highest number of schools within one city, offering all different sorts of education to local students, including nationality schools for the minorities, special schools such as the Aviation College. The two huge complexes are dedicated for studying, with the Dubai Knowledge Village and the newly established Dubai Academic City, which together gives place for more than 40 various teaching institutes with the universities and academies soon getting all moved to the Academic City. Dubai is open for all the knowledge one can bring and teach over here. Most of the schools here are Arabic, International which contains educational centres of the UK, of the United States, of Germany, of France, of Australia and many-many others. Several schools have their base in their mother countries which send most of their teachers to the schools of Dubai. Therefore these schools, although having always some open posts, these are mostly not teaching related.

One way to get good teaching jobs in Dubai is, if you are applying for a teaching position in the base country and then you can get moved to Dubai if you want to. Other method is, if you know something special for which schools, colleges and universities can’t get people in their home countries. These include the languages, special medical, business or other professional subjects of which you hold a teaching certificate or diploma. Yet its the hardest way to go. Let’s see some of the easiest ways now which hide in language teaching.

Most schools in Dubai are looking for English teachers. Although native speakers have a definite priority here, if you are in Dubai and you hold a certificate of either teaching English for young learners or for business studies and your English are indeed impeccable, you have a great chance to find language teaching jobs in Dubai. Apart from English there are other languages which may be pretty useful for you to speak and teach professionally, which include, French and Spanish. These languages, especially the French are important in Dubai schools. The best way to go in an Arabic country is to visit schools personally. Visit the Arabic language schools and be patient, one of them will hire you. You can also visit kindergartens; some of them have playful English courses for children already and may be that you find one which just looks for an English teacher. You can find other language teaching jobs Dubai in hotels or organised by hotel chains for their staff to understand basic German, Spanish, Russian or even Japanese. So, do not give up there are plenty of opportunities if you are a speaker of these mentioned languages.

Teaching jobs in Dubai start with language teaching as these are those that can be received the most effortlessly, without actually holding a PhD. Yet if you hold a teaching PhD. in one of the specific subjects, especially specific areas of engineering are always welcome in Dubai to be taught, then you can get the very best teaching jobs in Dubai.

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