The Beauty of Silver: Buying Silver Necklaces in Dubai

Let’s find out the best places to buy silver necklaces in Dubai. Basically almost every jeweller in Gold Souk has silver collections in Dubai; the only difficulty comes, when you try to find silver collections of Dubai jewelleries online. Let us explore the great silver necklace and earring sets, which we can get to find and buy in Dubai.

Not many people know that silver is the world’s shiniest precious metal! Also the value of quality Sterling Silver is almost as high as the one of 18K gold! Therefore silver is a great and extremely popular precious metals when it comes to jewellery. In Dubai, silver has double value, as Muslim men are not allowed to wear gold by the will of Allah; therefore, they opt for silver, when it comes to wedding or buying any different sorts of jewellery. With the ongoing trend of gold and gold alloys, people tend to forget the beauty silver jewellery has. Silver is also an excellent option for those, who are allergic to gold. Let us take a look at the most beautiful silver necklace collections and sets Dubai jewelleries have on offer.

Pure Gold Jewellers are one of the best quality jewellery brands in Dubai. With over 12 stores all around the city and with the offer of more than 15 different brands, Pure Gold offers high quality jewellery for men, women , children and babies in silver, gold, white gold, rose gold and platinum. Their extensive Pure Silver collection offers several high quality silver necklaces and silver necklace-earring or necklace-bracelet collections. Apart from necklaces, Pure Silver also contains several elegant pendants that look their best on silver necklaces. Pure Gold has stores all around Dubai downtown, from Dubai Gold Souk to all the downtown shopping malls.

Tanyaz jewellery is one of the main brands of Dubai, when it comes to silver jewellery. Tanyaz offers great silver necklaces, which are either beaded or decorated with semi-precious stones. Tanyaz also has extensive collection of silver earrings and rings in their collection. Clarity Jewels is located in the Dubai Gold and Diamond Park, the company have an extensive collection of gold, white gold and silver jewellery. Clarity doesn’t have its own collection though as they act as resellers of other popular international brands as Gucci, Guy Laroche and also deal with ceramic and stainless steel jewellery, which is especially popular in the circle of men and those who are allergic to gold.

Samer is among the biggest sellers of silver jewellery and wholesale silver as well. You can find its stores in the Gold Souk of Dubai. Samer deals with great collections coming from Malaysia, Turkey, Thailand and Italy. These are some of the main Dubai jewellers where you can get to find quality silver jewellery, which includes silver necklaces. If you want to see more quality silver necklaces and sets, check out some of Gold Souk’s jewellers.

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