The Best Places for Carpet Shopping in Dubai

Dubai is very famous for its huge and magnificent shopping malls and festivals. There are so many places where you can find beautifully crafted carpets. Variety of carpets are being displayed both hand and machine made carpets at various outlets in Dubai. Carpets shopping in Dubai can be defined as superlative quality with affordable prices. That is why a large number of people from all over the world heavily favored the Dubai market in recent years. You can be absolutely sure that a variety of carpets available in Dubai market won’t be available in most of the places. Another thing which is very favorable for the buyers is the large number of outlets to choose the carpet suiting to your needs.

When shopping for carpets in Dubai there are some basic things you need to know. Some of those things include how to tell if a carpet is hand woven or machine made. But a more exciting thing to know is how to read the story of a Persian carpet. Every carpet is a work of art and tells a story of life, death, history, family and national pride. Below are some basic symbols for stories behind the pictures woven into these beautiful carpets.

One of the most fascinating things about reading the Oriental carpet is in discovering meanings of the unusual designs. There is history of life recorded in the carpet that includes designs and colors. Each have its own special meaning and is not just the imaginative design of an artist. These stories include battles which were won or lost; stories of great and important leaders; religious stories and prayers; superstitions and dreams and desires; and of course, a carpet would be remiss without the extraordinarily tragic love story of heartbreak. Red Persian carpets generally have designs like flowers and birds or animals of different colors. Reds are very valued by the artist and by the buyer.

• Most of them have relative design like curvature, flowers, many different animals and birds in a variety of colors.
• Red is the most popular color of the Persian carpet, and is used in all shades which include deep cherry and vibrant scarlet and even soft coral.
• Blue colors are almost always used in oriental carpets, particularly the deep indigo used as a background color.
• Most recognizable is the prayer arch, which all Persian carpets have.
• Persian carpets have a tree of life which represents the eternal life and this design is used in many types of carpets. The design is from Persia and they can weave trees that are very lifelike. Here are other designs that have special meanings:
• The shape of a vase can be called the immortality.
• The weeping-willow stands for both sorrow and also death. This is a universal depiction.
• The Garden in paradise has a design of a medallion right on center with the flower forest all around it. The center of the medallion can also represent various eyes of an all-knowing and all-seeing type of deity. The design on the lotus flower is considered sacred and its blossoms turn towards heaven.

There are countless outlets in the Dubai market. You can choose the carpets according to your need and desire from those unbelievable carpet stores that are available everywhere in the Dubai. We can highlight a few of them from their popularity as:

If you are looking for carpets then Merinos Carpets is the right place to go. Merinos is a brand of Al-Saleem that are providing best quality carpets for decades. They have almost seventeen outlets in UAE including a gigantic store at the Dubai Mall. It is the best place to increase the value of your floors. Because the quality assurance policy of the brand has been remarkable over the years. Equally well supported by the hardworking and skilled team.

Mesgarzadeh is a place where you can find the best Persian quality of the carpets. These carpets are very popular all over the world and are made with excellent craftsmanship. You can find a range of colors and types of the carpets at this store. Carpets shopping in Dubai cannot be considered complete without having a look at the specious variety and quality of this brand. It is standing tall with its famous outlet in Dubai shopping mall. Persian carpets are normally bit costly than other religions but are mostly favored by the people because of their outstanding quality and variety.

There is an outlet named Orientalist Woven Art in Dubai. It is being really the brand ambassadors for the best Persian carpets in Dubai. Simply your carpet shopping in Dubai is not complete by any means if you have not visited the Orientalist. The product reflects the quality and expertise of the producers in a grand manner.

If you have too much busy schedule and have not enough time to go and visit the different outlets for carpet shopping in Dubai. There is an alternate solution available in shape of online purchasing facility offered by You can choose the designs, colors and articles from the internet and can order online. Truly expert and professional team of the brand will visit your home to locate the feasibility. You will get the solution at your doorstep from sitting in your drawing room or bedroom.

Carpet making is an art and Iran has mastered that art. Iranian carpets are the most valuable and artistically carved carpets and National Iranian Carpets is reflecting the trues pictures of that mastery. It is a brand well renowned since the early nineties. You can not only purchase the vast available variety but also can place orders of your own choice to be woven. It has made carpet shopping real treat being an ancient brand with lots of historical designs and colors woven by the skilled craftsman. A large number of designs are on display to select the right rug for your place.

Dubai is a place where you can find variety of carpets displayed by popular worldwide brands. You can buy almost every kind of carpets in this market at very reasonable rates with superlative quality and eye catching colors. You will not be disappointed if you go carpets shopping in Dubai because of the uncompromising attitude of the vendors.

The greatest thing about shopping for carpets anywhere but especially in Dubai is that you will find the friendliness and willingness to share culture and stories so when you are done shopping for your perfect carpet in Dubai, you will have a story to take home to your loved ones that you will cherish all the days of your life. It is well worth any price or effort to obtain a carpet from Dubai. But Dubai is reasonably priced and you do not have to spend a fortune on a beautiful Oriental carpet. Shopping in Dubai for carpets will be the one of a kind life time experience that you have always dreamed of and you will not be completely satisfied until you own one of these amazing pieces of history and art.

Take your time and find the perfect carpet that will fit both your personality and your home. Another way to connect with your perfect carpet from Dubai is to connect the story of a carpet that will also represent a memory or story of your family. By doing this, your carpet will become like part of the family and a keepsake passed down through the family generations.

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