Top Dubai Steakhouses

Steak is a sort of dish, which just cannot miss from the offer of any good quality restaurant. However, there are some special places, which follow the American example and open their special places for serving all sorts of steaks, and these are called steakhouses. Dubai as an Arabic country does love steaks as well, so we can be sure that steakhouses in Dubai do not stand empty.

Steakhouses have various great features for all the meat and steak lovers. They serve the biggest steaks. The dishes must be served with fresh salad, which is a must eat, next to a great saucy steak. Steakhouses are also famous for their wide offer of beers that go best with steaks and their great sauces.

Steakhouses arrived to the United States straight from Mexico, the biggest steak loving country next to Argentina of course. A good steak must be prepared from beef at a steakhouse. In addition, their types depend on their size and on the ways that they are roasted, sometimes alone or at other times with certain spices or with vegetables. A Steakhouse is always a fun place to be. There are some steakhouses in Dubai too with live performances and with many other possibilities, such as darts or pool as examples.

You can be sure of the fame of most steakhouses: Americans do love steaks. Therefore, if you want to get some new friends, visit the best steakhouses of Dubai, you can be sure that you will not go home without some great fun memories. So, let us see what we will have, if we want to find the best steakhouses in Dubai:

La Parilla
As you can see already by its name, La Parilla is indeed a very promising place when it comes to steaks. Located inside the huge Jumeirah Beach Hotel, you can even have a swim while waiting for your steak to arrive although those 25 floors are a bit further from the sea or the pool; you have the chance to do it.

JW’s Steakhouse
Well, this is a seemingly great American place to be! The Steakhouse is located in the JW Marriott Dubai in Deira. Here you will get the finest steaks in town, you can bet on that! The place is also very famous for its wide offer of wines. It is a perfect choice for a dinner location where afterwards you can enjoy a great walk along the Deira Corniche or the Dubai Creek.

Fire and Ice
Located in the Raffles Dubai Hotel in Umm Hurair district, this is one of the most suggested steakhouses of Dubai. This is one of the trendiest locations for steak lovers.

Stonegrill Dubai
As you may guess by its name, this steakhouse is indeed a unique place to be. This place is a real Arabic Steakhouse, serving greatly prepared Arabic steaks with hummus and salads; this restaurant is on the top 10 list of all Dubai restaurant fans. Try this place for a great night-out; you will not want to leave for a long time!

As you see, Dubai has limitless offers when it comes to international cuisine. Try some of these suggested steakhouses and you will be staying in Dubai at least a week more than you have planned it before. Dubai steakhouses are great places for a more relaxed and gourmand night-out, and to enjoy some family time, if you are in Dubai with your family and friends.

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