Town Centre Jumeriah

United Arab Emirates is famous for its shopping malls. People from all over the world visit Dubai for that particular purpose and that is just “shopping”. Town Centre Jumeirah is one of the most beautiful shopping malls of Dubai. It is located on Jumeirah Beach Road next to Marcato. It is widely open where one can enjoy shopping with freedom and ease. Its construction is a mixed style of modern and old Islamic culture. This shopping mall is very open and spacious. Jumeirah provides a very friendly environment for shopping for its customers. Safety and cleanliness are one of the reasons of its success. Highly professional security staff properly guards the whole mall. It is a two-floor mall. The whole mall is full of outlets and entertainment venues. People all over from Dubai like Jumeirah not only for shopping but also for refreshment and relaxation with friends and families.

Town Centre Jumeirah is located near a beach. Beautiful fountains, open-air food arrangements make the whole atmosphere pleasant and peaceful. People feel relax with quality and friendly services of staff at mall. Not only residents of Jumeirah but also tourist from all over the world visited the mall. They enjoy shopping with unique tasty food in the restaurants of Town Centre Jumeirah. In restaurants, quality food to customers is made sure. To provide the best services, regular check of these restaurants is made sure by mall’s staff.

Town Centre Jumeirah always remains fully crowded. Special arrangements have been made to entertain people by involving them in different activities. Town Centre Jumeirah has more than 40 outlets. Here you can find outlets for clothes, perfumes, under-garments, boutiques, branded bags, beauty parlours, massage centres and much more. Town Centre Jumeirah has two floors. First floor of the mall has outlets for specialized books, cosmetics and beauty products for men and ladies both, home entertainment items, jewellery, furniture of all types, stationery items, branded garments and gift wrapping shops. National Bank of Dubai and ATM facility is also available on the first floor.

The top floor of the mall has restaurants. It also has massage centres and beauty parlours. The atmosphere is very peaceful. Wide range of food items attracts people strongly. Wonderful arrangements for dining are also one of the significant features of Town Centre Jumeirah. On weekends, special arrangements are made for the people. People love to visit with friends and families on holidays. According to a recent estimate, it is 10th largest shopping mall of Dubai based on attendance.

Jumeirah has not a very big setup yet. The managerial staff and owners of the mall are working to extend the shopping centre. The largest area of its building is still under construction. Businesspersons are encouraged to invest in the development of mall. Special concessions have been given to new investors.

The Jumeirah is owned and managed by the Al Zarooni Group of Companies. They are one of the top ranked business establishments in the United Arab Emirates. Timings of the mall from Saturday to Thursday are10am to 10pm, and for Food Court are 10am to 10pm. The mall is basically a shopping centre. It is full of top outlets where you can find only branded products. Swimming pools with full facilities are also one of its charms. Under-ground parking facilities are also available. Hence, we can say that Town Centre Jumeirah is a place where you can enjoy but at your will in an environment which is full of joy comfort and peace.

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