Watches Shopping at Prestige Gallery

Prestige Gallery is an Indian watch and jewellery company which is soon to become an appreciated store chain. The Prestige Gallery watches are famous for their unique style and colours. This Indian store has currently two showrooms, with one being in the huge Dubai Mall’s Gold Souk and the other being at the Gold Souk of Deira.

Prestige Gallery is a very well run Indian store with great Indian relation and collaboration on behalf of watches and jewellery. Prestige Gallery watches are mostly Japanese. Although the store deals with a couple of unique brands it gives them a great start as they are exclusive sellers of their brands. Prestige Gallery is highly visited by Indian stars visiting Dubai. Prestige Gallery is also very famous for being the only store selling the 19K Purple Gold which can be found nowhere in this carat count in Dubai ( the other store with Purple gold is in the Dubai Gold and Diamond Park but the carats are different). Prestige Gallery Watches are also very famous for their great prices so they are quite highly visited by both the locals and the tourists. Besides Prestige Gallery watches, you can find a great selection of jewellery in the company’s stores.

Prestige Gallery is a one-stop-shop for innovative, unique and elite jewellery inline with your expectation of impeccable quality of service. Prestige Gallery has earned accolades and has undoubtedly carved a niche for itself for its exclusive range of jewellery collections, and also for its competitive pricing. Our services cater desires of few, but dreams of many. Pompous in nature, but yet, truly wanting, needing, and justifying. Pamper yourself with the luxury of jewellery and grace once reserved only for the royals! Prestige Gallery’s watches collection include two collection for kids and teenagers and two collections for the needy rich who want to see gold and diamond in their watches.

Here is a short representation of the current brands which make Prestige Gallery’s watches collection:

Issey Miyake Watches
Although the brand is Issey Miyake, in real the designing and manufacturing is in others’ hands. The Issey Miyake Watches department deals with several young talents from Japan but also internationally. Collections of Issey Miyake are quite colourful, containing never-seen-before designs and forms in watch making. They are among the best selling Prestige Gallery watches. It’s newest collections include: Vaiko, Insetto, Trapeziod and Twelve.

Appetime Watches
These collection of Japanese watches contain high style, trendy pop art watches with the most colourful designs and outlooks for the young generations especially.

Buntz Watches
It’s a popular watch brand in Switzerland likes to manufacture golden and platinum first class watches often decorated with diamonds and other gemstones. The mechanics of Buntz watches are also high quality designs with great geometry inside. Buntz makes jewellery sets which also contain fitting jewellery watches, but the watches can be bought also separately. The most appreciated model of Buntz is the Moon time watches collection

Olivier Roux Watches
An absolute jewellery watch collections, in which the watches are really covered with diamonds all over the place. These watches are very expensive and for special occasions mostly. Olivier Roux represents collections for men and women as well, the designs are great and the watches can be confused with pure jewellery.

As you see, the offer of Prestige Gallery Watches is quite wide. These collections cover every aspect of watch-making from the extreme till the classic watches that is why the Prestige Gallery Watches are highly famous and well bought in Dubai. Look for the Dubai Prestige Gallery in the Gold Souks of Dubai.

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