Wearing Tankini in Dubai?

Let us see if wearing tankini is right or wrong in Dubai. Tankini is a relatively new wear becoming more and more famous because it can be easily transformed to a bikini, but with large top, it rather resembles a one-piece swimming suit.

This time we would like to discuss the best suitable swimwear for women to wear on the beaches of Dubai. Of course, we make difference between the public beaches and the poolside of the resort you will be staying at. The difference this time is quite big between the two areas, as Dubai being a Muslim country definitely is not that much willing to let tourists go outside half naked or in bikini, no matter it is tankini or camikini, on the streets. There are certain rules in all Islamic countries to regulate tourists from being too revealing in their dressing style and Dubai is certainly still a lighter country this way. If you have brought your sexy bikini, you will be able to wear that piece in your hotel resort in the poolside area. While for going to the beach, you will need to dress up better, so your legs and main parts of the body cannot be seen. For this reason, the selling of long tunics or lighter abayas is quite up in the summer season too. You will need to buy or pack a lot more reserved swimwear for going to the public Jumeirah Beach. Tankini instead of bikinis will do, but the panty part should not be g-string or thong in any way.

Buy a tankini with bigger panties; there are tankini sold with a kind of boxers, which you can freely wear on the beach. Some women would really find this solution, to pull a pair of boxers over their bikini panties.

Tankini should not have a big cleavage but only a solid one that does not reveal too much from your breasts. Remember it is nice to feel sexy, but it is better to have our dignity stay with it, so be wise and wear rather a good tankini instead of thongs or Brazilian bikini. Some should also try either a one-piece swimming suit or a tankini but with a long top which covers the stomach area well.

In the very rare occasions, you can see Muslim women on the beach using a special Muslim swimwear called Veilkini or Burqini, which in its outlook does not really differ from the ordinary way Muslim women dress but only it is made out of elastic swimwear material.

Tankini is good because you can buy it just anywhere in Dubai as one reserved swimwear offered for tourists to get instead of their much more revealing swimwear. In Dubai, remember never to buy any swimsuit in white or lighter colours on the top as most of them when getting wet, gets transparent as well. So, do not hesitate to get yourself a pair of tankini in case you are in trouble. It is better to buy swimwear in Dubai, because at least you can get first hand information on what swimwears are permissible to wear and which ones are not. Try Dubai Mall or the BurJuman Center and choose the best fitting tankini for you.

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