What Are The Most Popular Dubai Souks?

Conventional Arabic markets are known as souks where people can buy and sell goods. Traditionally, the cargoes and goods were unloaded by dhows or boats from neighboring countries and also from China, Sri Lanka, India and Far East. These discharged goods were bargained in souks situated near to docks. Now, in this modern world everything has changed and the souks should also have to change. Traditional souks give way to air-conditioned shopping malls and goods are also changed. Still souks are there in numerous numbers and are scattered all around the Dubai City. Go to Bur Dubai and Deira to see the Dubai souks and these two important areas are divided by Dubai Creek.

Now-a-days, you can find goods like textiles, perfumes, gold, fisheries and spices in these souks. There are numerous gold souks in Dubai. No shopping is completed without visiting the Dubai Souks and the gold souks of Dubai have a good reputation and because of this, some of the tourists are visiting the city to buy gold. Some of the famous Dubai Souks are as follows:

Gold Souk
Gold Souk is the most important one among the Dubai souks. The price of the gold is decided by the weight of the gold used in the ornaments more than the craftsmanship and design of the ornaments. Never forget to visit the Gold Souk as the narrow streets have shops with glittering gold ornaments made of 22 carat and 24 carat of gold. Innumerable number of designs is available in rings, bracelets, pendants, bangles, chains, earrings and necklaces at each shop. Here the ornaments are available for lowest gold prices. Bargaining for the prices is usual over here.

Perfume Souk
Thousand of perfumes are waiting for you at Perfume Souk of Dubai. If you cannot find the right perfume that suits for you, then the shopkeepers will come up with a unique perfume that suits to your taste. You can find conventional Arabic attars to the up-to-date designer perfumes here at perfume souk. You can also buy powdered form of incense, rock, wood or crystal.

Spice Souk
In spice souk, there are several shops that sell variety of spices and fragrances from shisha and frankincense to several herbs used in the cuisine of South Asia and Arab world. Artefacts, rugs, incense and several textiles also sold at Spice Souk. Most of the trading depends on the bargaining power of the buyer.

Bur Dubai Souk
This is also called as Textile Souk and Cosmos Souk which is situated near the creek opposite to Deira Souk. The souk is famous for the variety of textile materials sold that are coming from Far East and Indian subcontinent. The two major shops for textiles in Bur Dubai Souk are Rivoli and Meena Bazar.

Food Souk
Food Souk consists of a variety of fresh produce which are sold in kilos. Both local and imported produce are for sale. Highly recommended among the goods are the Omani bananas which are the sweetest bananas. You can also taste and buy several varieties of locally produced dates at Food Souk.

Fish Souk
Fish Souk is the place where a variety of local fish are sold such as baby sharks, blue lobster and kingfish.

Khan Murjan
Khan Murjan is a historical souk rebuilt by Wafi and this souk offers over 150 shops with traditional crafts and arts. There are coffee shops, meeting areas and restaurants found at this souk. You can also meet the artists behind the crafts at the souk and most of them will be interested in sharing techniques and experience.

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