Where to Windsurf in Dubai

Just as one of the most popular water-sports all over the world, windsurfing was only a question of time that when Dubai will join the race. Windsurfing in Dubai is starting to gain popularity very quickly, due to the growing maritime life and maritime sports life of Dubai. Windsurfing in Dubai is now one attraction that you should not leave out in Dubai.

If you would like to try windsurfing in Dubai, all you need to do is to go to the Jumeirah Beach to check out the best deals. Currently, the Mina Seyahi Region of the Jumeirah Beach offers windsurfing. This is by far the most popular due to its beautiful coastline and because of the fact that the base of the Dubai International Maritime Club situates there. This huge club offers a wide range of water-sport facilities, from surfing to sailing. Thus, it is the best place for you to start your windsurfing in Dubai.

Dubai International Maritime Club was founded back in the end of the Nineties’ and ever since it has a growing social life altogether with the growing number of its members, mainly expats. As Dubai has seen great possibilities that lie in the creation of various facilities for diverse water-sports, it has been pushing the development of more and more clubs and sites, where one can enjoy the joys of water-sports or even get the chance later on to take part in various types of competitions.

Windsurfing has been gaining popularity from the Millennium, when the United Arab Emirates Marine Sports Federation was born, in order to promote and give chance to everyone to learn and exercise different water-sports, mainly concentrating on sailing with diverse types of boats, along with also having the chances for one to try windsurfing as well.

Mina Seyahi has a beautiful resort, the paradise of surfing and windsurfing in Dubai, called Le Meridien Mina Seyahi Beach Resort and Marina. However, there are other resorts too, which either are under construction or soon to be ready, all offering various chances to all the sea-lovers. In the area of Mina Seyahi, there will be a huge complex, belonging to the Dubai International Maritime Club, specifically for those, who would like to either live or have their vacation in a complex. The complex will specifically built for the lovers of water-sports, such as sailing, yachting, shipping, surfing, windsurfing and we can go on. Mina Seyahi will be the dream of many coming true, who by far could not find enough chances to enjoy water-sports, such as surfing in Dubai.

If you would like to try windsurfing in Dubai, the best seasons starts around mid-March, and lasts until the beginning of July. From July, the heat is so high, that one cannot stay under the sun for a long time. If you arrive at Dubai in the month of July or later, you have to go on the water, either early in the morning or in the evening hours. Apart from these, windsurfing in Dubai is one of the most pleasant water-sport activities that you can do. In case you do not yet know how to do windsurfing, Dubai International Maritime Club has courses for beginners, which will surely make you fall in love with this beautiful sport. You may become an everlasting fan of windsurfing in Dubai.

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