Working For Insurance Companies in Dubai

Dubai is one of the few Arabic countries which in terms of jobs are ideal for international applicants. The reason for this is that English is so widely used all over Dubai that although there is always needs for Arabic speakers, in terms of insurance jobs it’s not necessary, as most of the clients who want insurance are mainly expats. Insurance jobs are widely promoted by both Gulf and international branches of insurance companies.

Insurance jobs mean great possibilities for everyone who wants to work in Dubai. First of all, the reason for this is that the insurance jobs can be trained. Insurance is one of the very few areas which can’t require targeted diploma or qualifications as there aren’t any. Every insurance company uses a different system.

All the insurance companies deal with the training of their applicants so therefore, the insurance jobs are highly popular. There are lots of companies in Dubai which deal with insurances, including the insurance brokers and banks with insurance departments, so this is why they are always looking for new workforce. If you are the speaker of multiple worldwide used languages then you can surely get the chance to work in Dubai. The insurance companies need their staff to be well qualified and also if there is any previous experience at an insurance company in your CV then it’s surely a good point. It’s in real these two which count the most. Then of course there are other factors which can help you in getting insurance jobs in Dubai, for example if you have any previous experience in terms of customer service, if you are open to learn and communicative, if you are helpful and if you are basically a good persuader. The insurance area is one of the most dynamically growing new businesses which have just started to grow in Dubai, which means that you have now some good chances to get insurance jobs there.

The general drawback of getting jobs in Dubai is that you should certainly be there in Dubai by the time of applying. In real today almost every employers are looking for workforce which is actually residing in Dubai because this saves them time and money. The best applicants already possess a residency visa, a bank account and a Dubai address. The visa is the main reason why insurance companies too prefer to have their applicants already in Dubai. If by any chance you are not allowed to live in Dubai, then from the point of view of the company, it means that they have wasted a lot of time dealing with you for nothing. Therefore, when applying for jobs get at least a tourist visa and are there to be available to go to job interviews.

Of course there are several segments within the insurance company too, which are entirely different jobs. There are the customer service agents, the ones who actually take care of the selling and giving information. There is a telephone customer service which deals with the quotes for online applications and there is a financial and operational segment which deals with the actual creation of Insurances and which takes care of the company’s books and accounting.

So, if you feel that you want to give a try in terms of insurance jobs, don’t hesitate, and send a couple of applications and get ready to go if you receive a call-back. Please note that if a Dubai company requires only those applicants for insurance jobs who already reside in Dubai and you apply even though you don’t live in Dubai, don’t expect a call-back.

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