Working For The Government in Dubai

There are several positions in Dubai, if you feel like wanting to work there. Some of the foreigners even get the chance for Dubai government jobs and make careers but it is relatively rare and it is limited to those who are speakers of the Arabic language or more specifically those who also come from Arabic countries or origin. Dubai government jobs represent the highest category jobs as do governmental jobs everywhere in the world. The chances are close to zero for a foreigner to be working at any political governmental bodies in Dubai.

There are generally two main segments of Dubai government jobs. One segment means the main governmental offices and ministries of Dubai, meaning the most important bodies in the life of the United Arab Emirates. The other means those offices, which act as governmental or semi-governmental bodies, but they are non-political. For foreigners, it is the second category in which they can start looking because it is very rare handing over Dubai government jobs for foreigners so easily. The United Arab Emirates has 17 offices or departments, which belong to Dubai. The most likely departments for getting Dubai government jobs would be the UAE General Information Authority and the Dubai Duty Free, but mostly no offices accept foreigners’ application, with the sole exception of certified translators and interpreters. It should be understandable that state and federal offices do not like to employ foreigners out of several reasons. This is the same in each country and it is perfectly logical.

For politically related positions, no foreigner will have acceptance. Governmentally appointed offices, like the DMCC (Dubai Multi Commodities Centre) which is among the biggest offices in the whole United Arab Emirates appointed by the government to deal with all aspects of commodity business is more suitable for you to apply then strictly governmental offices. This is a great chance for you to learn more about commodity business of Dubai and to make a great career in a nice position. Working at the DMCC almost counts as getting Dubai government jobs. DMCC is among the richest companies dealing with gold, silver, diamonds and gemstones. You would have great opportunities there. In case, you have experience in tourism look for a local tourist bureau which would find you suitable for dealing with foreigners or all sorts of foreigner affairs. Another good way for foreigners to make careers in Dubai government jobs is to look around in the Dubai Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing. They always have career opportunities for expats or foreigners just check their site out. This department is a non-political department that is why chances are much higher for you to find a job over here for example. There are even more tourism related bodies or those who look for Dubai representatives, which does not mean getting Dubai government jobs but means a great opportunity for you to make a living in Dubai.

DCTM does not only offer careers but also training and education, some of which can be done together with working. Check out the offers of DCTM if you feel like having some outside of Dubai government jobs, but still having a responsible role in the life of Dubai.

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