Abraj Shopping Centre

Abraj Shopping Centre is located within the old town part of Dubai, in the great district called Deira. The shopping mall lies in an area, which is very busy and crowded all day long, therefore it has thousands of visitors every day. Although Abraj Shopping Centre is a small mall, it is a one of a kind mall, which is great to visit. Let us find out why.

Deira district is famous for multiple things and attractions. It lies by the mouth of Dubai Creek, a district that was once the most important of Dubai, where the governmental and municipality offices were all to be found Deira was the centre of Dubai. Today, the district is the most known for its busy souks. Deira is in fact the only place in Dubai where you can find the largest, Arabic style covered old souks in the whole city. Thanks to its beautiful setting, bordered by the waters of both Dubai Creek and the Gulf, Deira is one of the most promising area of Dubai. In fact, it is so promising that the buildings of the third and largest ever palm islands, Palm Deira have been going well, and in about 5 years we can witness Deira to become the city centre of Dubai again. Until then, we can enjoy its busy souk life, try its water taxis and take a cruise on one of its dhows, which run out of Dhow Wharfage during the day and the evening hours.

Very close to Dhow Wharfage port by the Dubai Creek, there is a small yet always busy shopping mall that attracts local visitors and it is called Abraj Shopping Centre. This small shopping mall is located on three floors, within the Deira Souk district and it offers complex services and a great variety of stores for its visitors. Its food court is especially popular for everyone offering a wide range of local and Asian foods. The Food court is a must-visit for the fans of seafood!

The Abraj Shopping Centre is quite close to several hotels such as the Royal Ascot, the Orchid, the Le Meridian Dar Al Sondos and many others that are located on the border of Deira and its neighboring Al Rigga district. The small shopping mall lies just opposite the Al Sabhka Bus Station and it’s not too far from one of Deira/Al Rigga Metro Stations either.

Abraj Shopping Mall is a real shopping mall because it offers something for everyone. From a great range of electronics, here you can find local and Western style fashion stores, {watches} and {jewellery} stores, perfumeries, leather and artisan shops, gold stores, furs, a large variety of textile goods, {furniture} and everything else which you might be interested in getting. One part of Abraj Shopping Centre offers offices to let for local businesses and stores.

Interestingly Abraj Shopping Centre is not just another Dubai shopping mall but it actively takes part in the life of Deira district by being host to a growing number of festivals held in the region. Overall, Abraj Shopping Centre is really worth visiting and its one of the best little shopping malls of Deira. The stores of Abraj are generally open from 10 am to 10 pm with the exception of Fridays when they generally open around 13.00 am.

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