The Amazing Dubai Metro

Dubai Metro

As we know, when it comes to new things, be it in technology or architecture, Dubai is the place where it is the most likely, that we will get to see them realised. Therefore, Dubai Metro is mirroring Dubai’s efforts in being the first to implement such systems in their public transportation which are only very rarely used anywhere in the world. Dubai Metro is such a huge network, which the world has never seen. As it is already partially operating, if you happen to go to Dubai, do not hesitate to try Dubai Metro. You will be amazed when you see its stops.

Dubai Metro is a relatively new plan, which was also a necessary step to take for the transportation of the heavily growing number of its inhabitants. The construction works have started in 2009 and within five years, a Red and a Green Line will served Dubai, of which is the Red line is closer to be ready, as it goes the most important route going along the Sheikh Zayed Road crossing the centre. The Red Line of the Dubai Metro starts from Rashidiya, going through the key central areas and finishing at the other end of Dubai, namely the Jebel Ali Free Zone complex. The cars of the metro come straight from Japan.

The Red line goes as a subway inside the centre, before and after it goes elevated. Dubai Metro, also called Monorail has a unique thing about it. It is a metro, which is fully automatic, means that it does not need a driver. It goes along the route navigating from a Central Navigation Centre situated in Jebel Ali. Right now, the Red Line has altogether thirty stops and it has proved useful in the public transportation of Dubai. The Green Line of the Dubai Metro is still under construction operating only in a small line. When it is ready, it will make a half-circle around Dubai Creek, Bur Dubai and Deira districts. The Red Line plans to have an extension in the upcoming years.

There are altogether four lines and several connecting lines as well, to enable the most fluent transportation of passengers. The Yellow and Blue lines are currently under construction. The outlook of the metro stations bases on the four main elements of nature, one given to each line. For example, the outlook of the Red line will represent the Fire sign with the station’s colour being red and orange. It is an interesting fact that Dubai is the only city in the world that has offered the chance for the biggest companies to purchase the naming right for a specific station. This is a great idea having a lot of marketing potential.

It is one of the world’s largest metro line served by an automatic metro. Also interesting to note that a unique feature of Dubai Metro is that it has three classes out of which one class belongs to women with children, the second is the regular or Silver Class and the third is the First Class ticket. Men watch out! Men cannot enter the first car of the Metro at all, where only women and children can stay.

Taxis and buses will serve the metros to enable fast and fluid passenger fluctuation. Dubai Metro when ready will be the largest net of such kind in the world. Dubai Metro also offers lots of job opportunities.

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